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SummaryCompared with traditional standard FR4 materials, Arlon PCB material products have more professional electrical, thermal, mechanical or other performance characteristics. Arlon PCB materials are widely used in wireless communication infrastructure, military, commercial avionics and other special mar...

Compared with traditional standard FR4 materials, Arlon PCB material products have more professional electrical, thermal, mechanical or other performance characteristics. Arlon PCB materials are widely used in wireless communication infrastructure, military, commercial avionics and other special markets.

Arlon PCB Material Classification

Arlon PCB materials can be divided into two categories, including highly reliable polyimide (33N, 35N.85N). It is mainly used in PCBs with high requirements on temperature and use environment, such as the control system of aerospace equipment, semiconductor aging test, oil drilling and other fields. Arlon PCB materials are also used in the processing of Arlon PCBs with very high layers. This Arlon PCB The material has the highest glass transition temperature (Tg250C), and very high cracking temperature (Td 380C).

THERMOUNT (55NT, 55ST, 55RT) Arlon PCB material has very good dimensional stability (CTE), suitable for bare chip packaging, due to the non-woven resin fiber characteristics of THMOUNT, it is very suitable for high-density laser drilling resistant to ion migration ( ANTI-CAF), light in weight, suitable for high-reliability electronic products with high requirements on PCB weight, such as high-end packaging substrate navigation system, ALVIH process, etc.

The NO-FLOW (47N, 49N, 99N) series of Arlon PCB materials are used for rigid-flex boards and heat dissipation cold plates, and are widely used in automotive and high-power fields. The materials of Arlon PCB material thermal conductivity series (99N, 99ML) are available in LEDs and high-power power supplies also have good prospects. 11N Arlon PCB materials have 220Tg and 310Td, and they also have very good application prospects in high-speed backplanes, digital-analog hybrid microwave communications, and semiconductor testing products.

Another major category of Arlon PCB materials is microwave materials. From DK2.2 to 10.2, pure PTFE has CLTE with different reinforcement materials, which is PTFE filled with ceramic powder. Arlon PCB materials have excellent temperature stability characteristics (DK varies with temperature Change, CTE is also very small), on the global communication satellite can do up to 64 layers other ceramic powder filled PTFE has a variety of dielectric constants, Arlon PCB material is suitable for processing multi-layer microwave printed boards, these products are widely used in mobile phones, antennas , electronic systems of base stations, wireless broadband and the Internet, etc. The unique lightweight foam Arlon PCB material FOAMCLAD is specially used for base station antennas, RFID and other applications. It has the characteristics of low cost, low loss and small surface wave.

Arlon provides a variety of Arlon PCB materials for PCB manufacturers. Arlon PCB materials mainly produce polyimide-based thermosetting products. Polymer resins and other high-performance materials, as well as PTFE-based products, ceramic fillers and other high-performance Arlon PCB material.

Compared with traditional standard FR4 materials, Arlon PCB materials have more specialized electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, and are widely applicable to various printed circuit board (PCB) applications and other special markets, enabling Rogers to be used in communication infrastructure, automotive, aerospace and defense etc.

Common Arlon PCB Materials

AD255C03099AD255C06099AD255C04099AD300CO3099AD300C04099AD300C06009TC600AD250CO2055CTC350MCG300CGDCL220CUCLAD217LXCUCLAD 250GxARLON 55NT.

TC350 from Arlon PCB Materials is a woven glass fiber reinforced ceramic filled PTFE composite Arlon PCB material for use as a substrate for printed circuit boards, TC350 Arlon PCB material is designed to provide enhanced heat transfer through "best in class" thermal conductivity while Reduce dielectric loss and insertion loss. The less lossy the Arlon PCB material, the higher the gain/efficiency of the amplifier and antenna. The thermal conductivity of TC350 Arlon PCB material improves power handling, reduces hot spots, and improves device reliability.

TC350 Arlon PCB material has a low Z-direction CTE that matches copper. This feature provides unmatched reliability in plated through holes. TC350 Arlon PCB material is a soft base that is relatively insensitive to the stresses induced by vibration and the location required by today's drop tests. TC350A rlon PCB material uses microwave-grade low-section copper, which has strong adhesion to copper.

The TC350 Arlon PCB material uses relatively smooth copper, unlike ceramic hydrocarbons, which require the use of toothed copper" to achieve acceptable bonding. This results in lower Insertion loss. Copper skin effect loss is more pronounced at higher RF and microwave frequencies.

This thermal presence in Arlon PCB substrates, complemented by designs using heat sinks or thermal vias, gives designers additional design headroom to manage heat. In designs with limited thermal management options, TC350 Arlon PCB material significantly improves heat transfer through the laminate's primary thermal path. Arlon PCB material will reduce junction temperature and extend the life of active components, which is very important for improving the reliability of power amplifiers, increasing mean time between failures and reducing warranty costs. Additionally, the lower operating temperature and die-matched thermal expansion characteristics provide better reliability for component connections prone to solder fatigue, soft solder and joint failure.

TC350 Arlon PCB material has excellent dielectric constant stability over a wide temperature range. Arlon PCB materials help power amplifier and antenna designers maximize gain over varying operating temperatures and minimize deadband bandwidth loss due to dielectric constant drift.


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