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The reliability requirements of automotive PCBs are high, and automotive PCB products need to have good stability. In terms of technology, the product defect rate of automotive PCB is lower than that of ordinary PCB. When automotive PCB manufacturing, it is necessary to control the accuracy requirements of the circuit, the thickness of the solder mask and the quality of the substrate.

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Lightweight and miniaturized cars are conducive to energy saving, and the design of automotive PCB boards should pay attention to its performance. Automotive PCBs belong to the category of high-reliability products, so automotive PCB suppliers must pass some reliability tests. As an automotive PCB manufacturer, Huihe PCB has passed the IATF16949 automotive quality management certification, and has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing automotive PCBs.

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    Automotive PCBAutomotive PCB Suppliers in China

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    Automotive PCBAutomotive PCB Manufacturers & Suppliers

    The general trend of automotive electronics drives the rapid growth of automotive PCBs. With the continuous advancement of the automobile industry, the automobile has evolved from a complete mechanical device in the past to a combination of machinery and electronics. The application of automotive PC...

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