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Ceramic PCBs are widely used in military products, high-current LEDs, automotive controllers, AC converters, power regulators, integrated circuit arrays, semiconductor refrigeration devices, audio amplifiers, high-power transistors, and solar cell substrates.

What is Ceramic PCB

Ceramic PCBshave a ceramic base material made up of highly thermally conductive materials, including alumina, aluminum nitride, and beryllium oxide. They can quickly move heat away from hot regions and dissipate it throughout the entire surface. In the PCB industry, Ceramic PCB is a type of metal core PCB, and many FR4 boards or MCPCBs use ceramic PCBs. Ceramic PCB boards include alumina ceramic PCB (Al2O3 ceramic PCB), aluminum nitride ceramic PCB (AIN ceramic PCB), ceramic PCB board has the performance of high voltage resistance, high insulation, high frequency and high temperature resistance. Through this ceramic PCB capability map, you can have a simple understanding of what we can do.

Your Preferred China Ceramic PCB Assembly Partner

When choosing a Ceramic PCB Assembly manufacturer, please consider ceramic PCB cost optimization, ceramic PCB material usage, ceramic PCB lead time, etc. Huihe Ceramic PCB Assembly is your preferred ceramic PCB partner as we follow the latest IPC standards and tolerances and DFM rules to better fit your next upcoming ceramic PCB design. Due to the particularity of ceramic PCB boards, you cannot follow the normal FR4 PCB design rules to design ceramic PCBs, so we hope this ceramic PCB design guide can be helpful to you.

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