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China copper base PCB

Copper base PCB is one of the most expensive metal substrates, and its thermal conductivity is much better than that of aluminum substrate. It is suitable for high-frequency circuits, and it is divided into gold-sunk copper base PCB, silver-plated copper base PCB, tin-sprayed copper base PCB and anti-oxidation copper base PCB, etc.

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Adhering to the business philosophy of fast delivery, preferential price, considerate service and quality assurance, copper base PCB suppliers specialize in the R&D, production, sales and service of high-quality aluminum copper base PCB and high-frequency board products.

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    Copper Base PCBChina Copper Base PCB

    The thermal conductivity of the thermoelectric separation copper base PCB is 398W/M.K, which overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient heat conduction and heat dissipation of the existing copper base PCB. This process directly conducts the heat generated by electronic components through the heat di...

    2023-01-05Copper Base PCB

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China Copper Base PCBChina Copper Base PCB

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China Copper Base PCBChina Copper Base PCB

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