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What is Fast Turn PCB?

Fast turn PCB means the manufacturer completes the production within a quick turnaround time to meet market demand. Traditionally, the fast turn PCB manufacturing process was used for prototype PCBs and low-volume production. There are many Fast turn PCB manufacturers in the market at present.

Fast Turn PCB Prototype

what are the fast turn PCB prototype methods for aluminum substrate? Let's find out! The aluminum substrate fast turn PCB prototype method is divided into two categories, one is solid plate fast turn PCB prototype, such as mechanical proofing, photographic material proofing and so on; the alternative is soft board fast turn PCB prototype, such as screen display.

Fast Turn PCB Articles

  • China Fast Turn PCB Prototype Factory

    Fast Turn PCBChina Fast Turn PCB Prototype Factory

    Methods observe fast turn PCB factory In order to promote the development of fast turn PCB prototype industry and solve the pain points of PCB prototype industry, a different attempt is made. At present, there are a series of problems in the PCB prototype industry, such as not fast enough delivery ti...

    2022-11-28Fast Turn PCB

  • Fast Turn PCB Fabrication

    Fast Turn PCBFast Turn PCB Fabrication

    Fast turn PCB has good product consistency, and it can adopt a standardized design, which is conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation in the production process. At the same time, the entire fast turn PCB that has been assembled and debugged can be used as an independent spare par...

    2022-11-28Fast Turn PCB

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