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SummaryFast turnaround PCB manufacturing and finished PCBs in a very short time. In fact, the demand for quick turnaround PCBs is currently increasing because fast turnaround PCBs can save a lot of time and effort. If you are still struggling to find a fast turnaround PCB for yourself, it is very important...

Fast turnaround PCB manufacturing and finished PCBs in a very short time. In fact, the demand for quick turnaround PCBs is currently increasing because fast turnaround PCBs can save a lot of time and effort. If you are still struggling to find a fast turnaround PCB for yourself, it is very important to find a good fast turnaround PCB service platform.

Fast Turnaround PCB Design Considerations

Fast Turnaround PCB It is very important content in PCB layout design. If it is not done well, it will affect the performance of the board and cause quality problems. So what are the considerations for fast turnaround PCB design?

1. According to the reasonable division of electrical performance, fast turnaround PCB design can be divided into digital circuit area (that is, fear of interference and interference), analog circuit area (fear of interference) and power drive area (interference source).

2. Fast turnaround PCB design circuits with the same function should be placed as close as possible, and the wiring of each component should be simple; at the same time, the connection between each functional block is also simple.

3. Fast turnaround PCB design should consider the installation position and strength of high-quality components; the heating element should be placed separately from the temperature-sensitive element.

4. I/O drive devices should be placed as close as possible to the edge of the fast turnaround PCB and close to the output connectors.

5. The clock generator should be as close as possible to the device using the clock.

6. Add a decoupling capacitor between the power input pin of each IC and ground; add a tantalum capacitor around several ICs when the fast turnaround PCB space is dense.

7. Add a discharge diode at the relay coil.

8. Fast turnaround PCB design layout should be balanced, dense and orderly, not top-heavy.

9. When placing components, the actual size and relative position of the components must be taken into consideration. While ensuring the electrical performance of the fast turnaround PCB and the feasibility and convenience of production and installation, it should be neat and beautiful.

Advantages of Fast Turnaround PCBs

Fast turnaround PCB is a process with extremely high requirements for manufacturing and processing. As far as conventional processes are concerned, there are dozens of various processes, and there must be no mistakes in the production process. Fast turnaround PCB products require high precision and performance. Strong stability. Therefore, fast turnover PCBs have very strict requirements on delivery time and quality. If PCB manufacturers can achieve high quality and fast delivery, it will better improve market share and user satisfaction.

1. Advanced manufacturing equipment

Huihe PCB has a well-known brand manufacturing equipment, testing equipment, and operating software, which ensures the stability, durability, and safety of fast-turnover PCB products from the production equipment. Production equipment includes Taiwan Dongtai drilling rig, automatic copper plating equipment, DES horizontal processing line, laser LDI exposure machine, high-speed text inkjet machine and other equipment.

2. Professional engineering team

Huihe PCB has engineers with many years of rapid turnover PCB production experience, and has rich experience in production, management, operation and other fields.

3. Internet + Industry 4.0 technology

Relying on Internet + Industry 4.0 technology, Huihe PCB has fully realized online and offline collaborative office by using modern Internet technologies such as big data, cloud technology, and Internet of Things. From fast turnaround PCB order placement to production, the entire online process saves the order flow time, makes the entire fast turnaround PCB production efficiency more efficient, and effectively guarantees the timeliness of delivery.

4. Efficient after-sales service

Huihe PCB has a complete after-sales service process, which can quickly respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with personalized services such as technical support, order support, and production progress query support for 7*24 hours. From the customer's order to the fast turnaround PCB production and delivery, ensure that the fast turnaround PCB products are delivered to customers with high efficiency and high quality.

Why Fast Turnaround PCB Charge Rush Fees?

It can be understood that the shorter the lead time, the higher the cost of fast turnaround PCB. If it is a fast turnaround PCB order, the PCB proofing manufacturer will charge a certain expedited fee accordingly, mainly because:

1) If it is a fast turnaround PCB, for the engineers in charge of the pre-examination of the engineering department of the PCB circuit board manufacturer, whether they are making one piece or hundreds of thousands of pieces, they need to spend the same time and energy. The engineer's job is to pre-examine the difficulty of making fast turnaround PCB boards, whether there is any impedance, whether there are other special processes, and whether the fast turnaround PCB design is reasonable and standardized.

2) The production and production of fast turnaround PCB orders are the same as the usual PCB production process, and no process can be saved. If the fast turnaround PCB is urgent, the normal production of other orders must be delayed, which affects the previous production capacity.

3) Fast turnaround PCB factories require workers to follow up the whole process, increasing labor costs such as overtime pay. If it is urgent, the fast turnaround PCB factory will charge some expedited fees accordingly, because the rush is followed up and processed by a special person, and it is necessary to ensure that the fast-turnover PCB boards are produced within the specified time. If it is not urgent, the factory will not charge an additional expedited fee. There are 8-hour expedited, 12-hour expedited, 24H expedited, and 48H expedited methods for fast turnaround PCB expedited.

Price Variation Factors for Fast Turnaround PCBs

The fast turnaround PCB size and cost is a simple linear equation where cost increases linearly with PCB size. Fast turnaround PCB manufacturers will fit multiple units into the panel unless the unit PCB is oversized. Utilization is dependent on panel area used for fast turnaround PCBs, with 77% and above qualifying as good utilization. For the production of fast turnaround PCBs, panel utilization becomes one of the most important aspects of PCB cost.

The number of layers and cost of a fast turnaround PCB is a simple equation, and the cost increases with the number of layers. Typically, more layers translate into additional costs due to more production steps, more materials and additional production time. Converting a single layer PCB to two layers may increase the cost of a fast turnaround PCB by 30-40%, while adding two layers on a 10 layer PCB may increase the cost by about 20-30%. This cost factor also depends on the complexity of the fast turnaround PCB design and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Fast turnaround PCB layer count reduction does not always reduce overall cost, as layer count reduction mostly involves more complex technology and aggressive design practices, both of which affect yield. However, if the complexity and fast turnaround PCB design remain constant, the cost of a fast turnaround PCB varies linearly with its layer count.


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Why Charge Fast Turnaround PCB Fees?

Fast turnaround PCB manufacturers will charge some expedited fees accordingly, because fast turnaround PCBs are followed up and processed by special personnel, and it is necessary to ensure that fast turnaround PCBs are produced within the specified time. The priority arrangement of fast turnaround PCB will inevitably affect the production capacity of the production line.

Function of fast turnaround PCB

Most customers attach great importance to the delivery date of fast turnaround PCB. It is a convenient service for R&D personnel to do fast turnaround PCB debugging for each file early. If the fast turnaround PCB needs to be assembled, early delivery can buy time for the assembly company

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