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Flex Circuits Prototype Price

Flex circuits prototype refers to the prototype production before the mass production of flexible circuit boards. If it is put into mass production at the beginning, if there are quality problems in the middle, it will cause waste of resources. Therefore, the flex circuits prototype is very important.

Regarding the price details of the flex circuits prototype, the manufacturer needs to quote according to the area of the flex circuits prototype and the difficulty of the process. Therefore, when customers inquire about the price of the flex circuits prototype, they need to provide the flex circuits prototype file and process quantity requirements. Flex circuits prototype price details can be given.

The special flex circuits prototype, because the production process is more complicated, the price is relatively higher. The calculation method of Flex Circuits prototype is usually engineering fee + board fee + testing fee. These are just approximate calculations for flex circuits prototype charges. It is especially important to note that the quotation needs to provide flex circuits prototype documents, process requirements and quantity requirements.

The Difference Between Flex Circuits Prototypes

After the schematic diagram of flex circuits is designed, it is necessary to test the function of the prototype first, and then proceed to mass production after the function is confirmed to be OK. The production of the flex circuits prototype takes time, and the flex circuits prototype is divided into normal prototypes and quick turn prototypes. Usually, electronic engineers will draw flex circuits structural graphics according to different specifications of customer products. The main structural layers can be divided into single-sided flex circuits, double-sided flex circuits, multi-layer flex circuits, and flex-rigid boards. Then, according to the circuit board diagram drawn by the electronic engineer, the flex circuits prototype is mainly used to test the product performance, so what is the difference between the flex circuits prototype and the ordinary prototype?

Quick turn flex circuits prototype: quick turn flex circuits prototype is carried out according to the documents provided by the customer, and the factory sends professionals to follow up the production process and progress. From material cutting to final packaging and shipment, there are generally at least dozens of production process procedures. Single-sided flex circuits prototype cycle is 1-2 working days, double-sided flex circuits prototype expedited cycle is 2-3 working days, multi-layer flex circuits prototype expedited cycle is 4-6 working days, flexible and rigid board The accelerated proofing cycle needs to be evaluated according to the data. The production time of the flex circuits prototype usually starts after the engineer confirms the EQ, and then starts to calculate the time.

Quick turn flex circuits prototypes need to be ordered according to the quick turn production process. The product must be processed and produced as soon as possible in each process. Professional follow-up personnel are responsible for following up the process throughout the process until the product is produced. Expedited reflects the "quickness" in time. Quick turn flex circuits prototypes are produced according to the regular process time. After one process is produced, the personnel of the department will then transfer to the next process to confirm the quantity of production, and inspect the finished product step by step until the final shipment.

Flex circuits prototype: Conduct flex circuits prototype according to the customer's designed files, and evaluate the length of production time mainly according to the manufacturing process requirements and difficulty of the circuit board.

Considerations for Flex Circuits Prototyping

What are the considerations for flex circuits prototyping? As a group of engineers, the precautions for flex circuits prototypes include: selecting the number of prototypes to effectively control costs; specifically confirm the device package to avoid prototype failure due to packaging errors; conduct electrical inspections to improve the electrical performance of the flex circuits board; do a good job of signal integrity flexible layout, reduce noise and improve the stability of flex circuits. As a flex circuits prototype manufacturer, precautions include: carefully checking Gerber documents, process approval, and process configuration with the production line; control the production quantity of flex circuits prototypes to reduce costs and ensure quality; pay attention to communication with customers.

Why is Flex Circuits Prototyping so Important?

Flex circuits prototyping is critical for mass production as it provides the opportunity to optimize the final mass production stage. When flex circuits prototype products enter the mass production stage, flex circuits prototype production means higher efficiency and lower cost. Flex circuits prototype production is the last chance to uncover potential difficulties that may arise later in the production cycle.