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Flex PCB Fabrication materials

Flex PCB Fabrication is made up of three layers of "copper foil + adhesive + substrate". In addition, flex PCB fabrication is also made up of two layers of "copper foil + substrate". The covering film is made up of "substrate + adhesive", which can be divided into PI and PET. Flex PCB Fabrication materials also include reinforcement materials.

Flex PCB fabrication process

Flex PCB fabrication is used for power circuits, electronics and automotive applications. There is a difference between single-layer and two-sided Flex PCB fabrication process. In order to improve the quality of Flex PCB fabrication, strict fabrication process must be followed. The operation of Flex PCB fabrication, such as cutting and drilling, should also be handled according to the regulations.

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    Flex PCB Fabrication process Almost all of the flex PCB fabrication was done using the etching method. Commonly, a copper-covered foil plate is used as the starting material to form an anti-corrosion layer by photolithography, and the circuit conductor is formed by etching away the unnecessary copper...

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