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What is a flex PCB?

Flex PCB is a circuit board with the simplest structure. flex PCB boards are divided into hdi flex PCB, rigid flex PCBs, single layer flex PCBs, 2 layer flex PCBs, double sided flex PCB, 4 layer flex PCBs, multilayer flex PCBs, etc.

Flex PCB Articles

  • China Multilayer Flex PCB

    Multilayer Flex PCBChina Multilayer Flex PCB

    Low loss Multilayer Flex PCB Material Multilayer Flex PCB is made of multiple inner layers and two outer layers pressed together. The surface treatment adopts an environment-friendly gold plating process with high stability. The coating film is heat resistant and radiation resistant. Multilayer Flex...

    2023-01-05Multilayer Flex PCB

  • China Single Layer Flex PCB

    Single Layer Flex PCBChina Single Layer Flex PCB

    Single Layer Flex PCB meaning Flex PCB is a high reliability PCB board made from polyimide or polyester film. Flex PCB has high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, good bending characteristics. Today to introduce you to the single layer flex PCB.Single Layer Flex PCB production cost is lowe...

    2023-01-05Single Layer Flex PCB

  • Multilayer Flex PCB Introduction

    Multilayer Flex PCBMultilayer Flex PCB Introduction

    Multilayer Flex PCB production process Multilayer flex PCB products are widely used in communication equipment, computers, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, various household appliances, and other electronic products. Their main function is to support circuit components and interconnect c...

    2022-11-21Multilayer Flex PCB

  • Single Layer Flex PCB Introduction

    Single Layer Flex PCBSingle Layer Flex PCB Introduction

    What is a single layer flex PCB ? A Single Layer Flex PCB has only one conductor, and the surface can have or have no covering. The insulating base material used varies with the application of the product. Commonly used insulating materials are polyester, polyimide, polytetrafluoroethylene, soft epoxy...

    2022-11-17Single Layer Flex PCB

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