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Huihe PCB is a flexible PCB board supplier, providing high quality flexible PCB board, low cost flexible PCB board, multilayer flexible PCB board, 4 layer flexible PCB boards and other products.

What is flexible PCB board?

Flexible PCB board has physical flexibility. Flexible PCB board is widely used in mechanical sensitive equipment, flexible PCB board is more durable than traditional circuit board, but the manufacturing process of flexible PCB board is sensitive and complex.

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  • Flexible PCB Boards Manufacturers

    Flexible PCB BoardFlexible PCB Boards Manufacturers

    The flexible PCB board is designed to embed a circuit on a bendable thin plastic sheet, so that a large number of precision components can be stacked in a narrow and limited space, thereby forming a bendable flexible circuit. The flexible PCB board can be bent and folded at will, light in weigh...

    2022-11-22Flexible PCB Board

  • Multilayer Flexible PCB boards

    Flexible PCB BoardMultilayer Flexible PCB boards

    single layer flexible pcb boards Thickness: 0.13mm Number of layers: 1 Minimum line width: 2mil The flexible pcb boards can greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, and meet the needs of the development of electronic products to high-density, miniaturized, high and reliable direction. Therefore...

    2022-11-01Flexible PCB Board

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