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SummaryThe flexible PCB board is designed to embed a circuit on a bendable thin plastic sheet, so that a large number of precision components can be stacked in a narrow and limited space, thereby forming a bendable flexible circuit. The flexible PCB board can be bent and folded at will, light in weigh...

What is Flexible PCB Boards

The flexible PCB board is designed to embed a circuit on a bendable thin plastic sheet, so that a large number of precision components can be stacked in a narrow and limited space, thereby forming a bendable flexible circuit. The flexible PCB board can be bent and folded at will, light in weight, small in size, good in heat dissipation, and easy to install, breaking through the traditional interconnection technology. In the structure of flexible circuits, the materials that make up include insulating films, conductors and adhesives. Flexible PCB board is also known as flexible circuit board and FPC board. It is favored for its light weight, thin thickness, and free bending and folding.

Flexible PCB board Materials

What are the Flexible PCB board materials? Flexible PCB board materials include: copper foil, substrate film, glue, cover film protection film, cover film protection film, release paper, reinforcement board, EMI, etc.

Flexible PCB Board Design Guidelines

The cost of the flexible PCB board design is still controlled by the important material PI, because the unit cost is relatively high, so when designing a flexible PCB board product, the flexible PCB board is usually not used as the main carrier, but is required in local applications in important designs. "Flexible" characteristics, such as in the flexible PCB board application of digital camera electronic zoom lens, or in the flexible PCB board material of electronic circuit, because electronic components or functional modules must be moved, so when the hard substrate material is not suitable, use FPC Examples of circuit designs. The flexible characteristics of flexible PCB board can be used for circuit connection according to various design purposes. 

Flexible PCB board consumer electronics are used more and more. In addition to the current market's higher requirements for the appearance design of electronic products, the existing PCB and HDI multilayer circuit board material restrictions cannot achieve adaptive design through variable appearance structures, flexible PCB board has become an important material that cannot be saved in many consumer electronics even if the circuit density does not reach the PCB level. The flexible PCB board is structurally flexible to accommodate multiple deflection angles. Even under the structure of the elastic design, the flexible PCB board plays an indispensable and important role in the design tendency of electronic products.

Flexible PCB Board Advantages

Flexible PCB Board Advantages include: flexible PCB board can be bent, folded and wound freely, and can move and stretch freely in three-dimensional space; The heat dissipation performance is good, and the size can be reduced by using a flexible PCB board; The flexible PCB board realizes light weight, miniaturization and thinning, so as to realize the integration of components and wire connection.

Flexible PCB board features

The flexible PCB board features can be used as a connection soft board for multiple functional mounting boards; the flexible PCB board can be used for special structural shapes that require large-area bending applications; The flexible PCB board can better improve the flexibility of the flexible PCB board material; the flexible PCB board can quickly verify whether the product meets the manufacturing requirements.

Flexible PCB Board Development Prospects

The product characteristics of the flexible PCB board are that in addition to the soft material, it is light in texture and extremely thin in structure. In the extremely light structure, the flexible PCB board material can be bent many times without breaking the insulating material of the rigid PCB, but in the flexible PCB board In the configuration of flexible plastic substrates and wires, flexible PCB boards cannot correspond to excessively high conduction currents and voltages, so flexible PCB board designs are hardly seen in high-output electronic circuit applications. On the contrary, small current, low power In consumer electronics products, flexible PCB boards are widely used.

Flexible PCB board is a highly reliable and relatively flexible PCB board made of polyimide or polyester film and other bypass substrates. The flexible PCB board has high wiring density, small size, light and thin, consistent installation and connection, and the incomparable advantages of other types of PCBs, such as folding and bending, and three-dimensional wiring, are in line with the trend of intelligence, portability, and thinning in the downstream electronics industry.

Flexible PCB Board applications

The performance of flexible PCB board is outstanding, and the demand drives the growth of the sector beyond the industry level. Flexible PCB board has penetrated from the early space shuttle and other fields to the civilian field, and gradually covered many fields such as consumer electronics, automobiles, industrial control, medical treatment, and instrumentation. Under the trend of automobile intelligence, electrification, and networking, the degree of automobile electronics is deepening, and the amount of flexible PCB board has increased significantly.

China Flexible PCB Boards Manufacturers 

This is the detailed introduction of flexible circuit board materials shared by Huihe PCB, I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you have doubts about the knowledge related to flexible circuit boards, you can consult Huihe PCB for free. Huihe PCB specializes in R&D and production of various flexible circuit boards, and provides flexible circuit board proofing and flexible circuit board mass production. It mainly serves high-precision flexible circuit boards and PCB board, flex-rigid board, Rogers PCB, high-frequency PCB board, multi-layer PCB, etc. Huihe PCB, as a high-end PCB board manufacturer, can provide online PCB prices, and deliver PCB samples within 12 hours at the fastest !

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Huihe PCB is a flexible PCB board supplier, providing high quality flexible PCB board, low cost flexible PCB board, multilayer flexible PCB board, 4 layer flexible PCB boards and other products.

What is flexible PCB board?

Flexible PCB board has physical flexibility. Flexible PCB board is widely used in mechanical sensitive equipment, flexible PCB board is more durable than traditional circuit board, but the manufacturing process of flexible PCB board is sensitive and complex.

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