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SummaryHow to make flexible PCB?Flexible PCB, also known as "FPC soft board" is a printed circuit board made of flexible insulating substrate. Flexible PCB provides excellent electrical properties for smaller, higher density installation designs and helps reduce assembly processes and enhance r...

How to make flexible PCB?

Flexible PCB, also known as "FPC soft board", is a printed circuit board made of flexible insulating substrate. Flexible PCB provides excellent electrical properties for smaller, higher density installation designs and helps reduce assembly processes and enhance reliability.  The flexible PCB is the only solution to meet the requirements of miniaturization and mobility of electronic products. Flexible PCB production direction is roughly FPC construction, manufacturing process layout, physical constraints, etc. The flexible PCB production process is complex and changeable.

Flexible PCB manufacturing

The flexible PCB is a highly customized product, and there are many components of flexible PCB manufacturing. The following is the content of flexible PCB manufacturing.  The production process of flexible PCB manufacturing is more complex, usually with more than 40 processes such as line inner production, exposure, pressing, drilling, electroplating, etc. In flexible PCB manufacturing, direct material costs usually account for about 60%, direct labor costs usually account for about 15%, and manufacturing costs usually account for about 25%. In flexible PCB manufacturing, the higher the quality requirements of flexible PCB, the higher the cost will be.

Flexible PCB Reinforcing Board

The reinforcement board is not the electrical component of flexible PCB, but assumes the job of providing mechanical support. The flexible PCB reinforcing board is an additional mechanical part that provides mechanical support for the flexible PCB during assembly. The disadvantage of flexible PCB is that it is too flexible to meet the needs of rigidity, which creates the flexible PCB reinforcing board.

Flexible PCB Reinforcing Board Uses

What is the use of flexible PCB reinforcing board? When specific areas of flexible PCB must be hardened, manufacturers of flexible PCB will use reinforcing boards to facilitate subsequent production. The flexible PCB reinforcing board is not part of the circuit board design, does not bend the circuit and protects the solder joint integrity of the part. The following is the use of flexible PCB with reinforcing board.

  1. 1. Mechanical support for specific areas of flexible PCB containing SMT and PTH components.

  2. 2. Maintain the required thickness of flexible PCB.

  3. 3. Support flexible PCB components and connectors.

  4. 4. Limit flexible PCB parts to rigid areas according to requirements.

  5. 5. It easy to better deal with thin flexible PCB parts.

  6. 6. Keep some areas of flexible PCB flat and stable.

  7. 7. Flexible PCB reinforcing board complies with zero insertion force (ZIF) connector specifications.

  8. 8. Flexible PCB reinforcement board can increase the bending radius of the circuit at the intersection of the rigid and flexible parts, to avoid the stress on the flexure parts in the process of multiple bending operations.

Problem spots for selecting flexible PCB manufacturers

Choosing the right flexible PCB manufacturers is critical to the success of the project. When evaluating flexible PCB manufacturers, ask the following questions, such as :

  1. 1. Can the production process of flexible PCB manufacturers produce customers' flexible PCB requirements?

  2. 2. Do flexible PCB manufacturers have the required materials in stock?

  3. 3. Can flexible PCB manufacturers manufacture according to the required tolerance?

  4. 4. flexible PCB manufacturers are professional proofing, small batch or batch processor?

  5. 5. Does the quality of flexible PCB manufacturers meet the standard?

  6. 6. How fast can flexible PCB manufacturers deliver products?

Flexible PCB Boards Development Prospect

With the upgrading of electronic products, flexible PCB boards cater to the development trend of light, thin, short and small electronic products by virtue of its unique advantages, and play an important role in the field of electronic information industry. flexible PCB boards are mainly used in connection with electronic products. As a medium for signal transmission, they have high reliability and excellent flexibility. With the continuous advancement of information and intelligent construction, the market demand for flexible PCB boards will be more and more large.

In the electronic industry, the demand for flexible PCB boards shows an increasing trend. First, the characteristics of flexible PCB boards themselves meet the requirements of ultra-thin electronic products;  second, high reliability of flexible PCB boards is required in high frequency and high speed transmission. Therefore, the market scale of flexible PCB boards in the electronic industry is constantly expanding. flexible PCB boards have the advantages of wiring, high assembly density, can eliminate the connection of redundant lines, good bending, high softness, high reliability, small volume, light weight, thin thickness and other features.

Application field of flexible PCB boards

Flexible PCB boards are applied in smart phones, wearable devices and automotive electronics. flexible PCB boards are used on smart phones, including battery modules, display modules, touch modules, camera FPCS, and connection modules. A smart phone can be equipped with 10-15 flexible PCB boards. With the commercialization of 5G, the development of smart phones to miniaturization and large-screen, and the rise of foldable phones, the use of flexible PCB boards has increased. There is an increasing demand for flexible PCB boards in the smartphone space.

In addition to mobile phones, the automobile electronic market is also the main battlefield of flexible PCB boards, vehicle control systems, such as dashboard display, air quality, sound, display, sensor, high signal transmission and high trust requirements of flexible PCB boards began to show its advantages. With the emergence of new electronic products, the market and use of flexible PCB boards also expand, and the upgrading of different categories of electronic products brings more significant development prospects than the traditional market.


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What is flexible PCB?

Flexible PCB is a circuit board with flexible structure. Flexible PCB is used in small electronic products. Flexible PCBS are mainly composed of two or more copper conductive layers with insulating materials between the layers.

Advantages of flexible PCB

Flexible PCB, also known as FPC, flexible PCB with light weight, thin thickness, free bending and folding and other excellent characteristics and favored, flexible PCB volume is smaller than PCB,

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