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SummaryWhat is HDI PCB? HDI PCB can also be called high-density interconnection board, Is a modern technology developed in the PCB industry at the end of the 20th century. The Multilayer board manufactured by the incremental method and micro-blind buried holes is composed of the following different holes....

What is HDI PCB

HDI PCB is a modern technology developed in the PCB industry in the late 20th century. HDI PCB manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms in China. Multi-layer HDI PCB manufacturers adopt incremental method and micro-blind buried hole manufacturing, which is composed of the following different holes:

Micropores: In HDI PCB manufacturers, holes less than 6mil (150um) in diameter are called micropores.
Buried hole: the hole buried in the inner layer, not visible in the finished product, is mainly used for internal line conduction, can reduce the probability of signal interference, maintain the continuity of the transmission line characteristic impedance. Since burials do not take up the pcb's surface area, it is easy for HDI PCB manufacturers to place additional components on the pcb's surface during manufacturing.

Blind hole: refers to the conduction hole that HDI PCB manufacturers use in the design to connect the surface layer to the inner layer without passing through the entire board.

The drilling of traditional pcb board is considerably affected by the drilling tool. When the borehole size reaches 0.15mm, the total cost for HDI PCB manufacturers becomes particularly steep and difficult to increase. Instead of relying on traditional mechanical drilling, HDI PCB manufacturers use laser drilling technology, sometimes called laser plate.

The hole diameter of HDI PCB board is typically 3-5mil(0.076-0.127mm), and the line width is commonly 3-4mil(0.076-0.10mm). The pad size can be considerably reduced for HDI PCB manufacturers and additional lines can be distributed per unit area, resulting in superior density interconnections.The emergence of HDI PCB technology has adapted and promoted the development of the FPC/PCB industry, enabling HDI PCB manufacturers to arrange more dense BGA, QFP, etc., in their designs. At present, HDI PCB technology has been widely used, and the development of HDI PCB technology promotes the development of chip technology, which in turn promotes the improvement and progress of HDI PCB technology, and also promotes the gradual increase of domestic HDI PCB.

What are hdi pcb manufacturers products made of ?

Copper foil: Conductive graphic composition of the basic material.
Core board (Core) : HDI PCB Manufacturers to provide for the inner core board made of.
Semi-cured sheet (Prepreg):
Multilayer board production of indispensable material, the adhesive between the core plate and the core plate, at the same time plays the role of insulation.
Solder resistance ink: The pcb board plays the role of welding, insulation and corrosion prevention.
Character ink: Act as a marker.
Surface treatment materials: Including HASL, LF-HASL, ENIG, Imm Tin , OSP, Imm Gold Finger and so on.

Advantages of hdi pcb manufacturers

PCB cost can be reduced. When PCB density increases to more than eight layers, it is manufactured from hdi pcb, which is cheaper than traditional complex pressing process
Increase circuit density, interconnect traditional circuit boards and components

Promote hdi pcb manufacturers to use advanced manufacturing technologies

It has better electrical performance and signal accuracy
Better reliability
It can improve thermal performance
Can improve radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge (RFI/ EMI/ESD)
Improve design efficiency

Above are the advantages of hdi pcb. HDI PCB Board is widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, laptop computers, automotive electronic products and other digital products, among which mobile phones are the most widely used.HDI PCB Manufacturers typically manufacture pcb using the stacking method,and the longer the set up time, the higher the technical grade of the board. Ordinary hdi pcb boards are basically one-shot, while high-end hdi pcb boards use two or more build techniques. Advanced hdi pcb technology, such as stacking holes, plating hole filling, and laser direct drilling, is also used. High-end hdi pcb board is mainly used for 5G mobile phones, advanced digital cameras, IC carrier boards, etc.

How to choose HDI PCB Manufacturers?

HDI PCB maintains reliable and robust performance while minimizing the size of the board. Engineers at hdi pcb manufacturers try to install a large number of components in a tiny space without compromising performance, and thus can benefit at the right cost and value for money.

HDI PCB Manufacturers closely adhere to industry production standards. Some customers do not need any help when selecting the required components and circuit board layout, because they understand exactly what their product needs. It is essential to find a qualified hdi pcb manufacturer.

The best hdi pcb manufacturers do not allow any room for improvisation in this process, and the engineers carefully read the process requirements of the product and follow the standards therein. If they run into problems, or realize that their production capacity cannot currently meet your needs, they will get in touch with you immediately. A great hdi pcb manufacturers engineer will suggest alternatives and demonstrate their advantages, and hdi pcb manufacturers staff have years of manufacturing experience. If hdi pcb manufacturers have all the latest equipment and apply modern technology to assemble your hdi pcb products, after all, high-density boards require the use of the most advanced technology in the manufacturing process.

HDI PCB Manufacturers only have experienced engineers and support teams to ensure the perfect running of circuit boards. This is because hdi pcb manufacturers assemble a well trained and skilled staff that can meet any challenge and design outstanding boards. Positive feedback from customers around the world is the best guarantee that the company redoubles its efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.

Automotive HDI PCB Manufacturers of choice?

The development of the electronics industry has driven the growth of automotive hdi pcb manufacturers. The high reliability and safety of hdi pcb manufacturing process has become one of the critical measures for hdi pcb manufacturers due to the requirements of automobile modernization and digitalization, as well as human requirements for vehicle safety, comfort, simple operation and digitalization.

Automotive PCB are divided into three categories: traditional single panel, dual panel and Multilayer PCB. There are essential differences between ordinary HDI PCB and automotive HDI PCB. The former emphasizes practicality and versatility, while the latter emphasizes reliability, safety and high quality. HDI PCB manufacturers will adopt different manufacturing requirements based on the performance and function of the vehicle. Due to the strong reliability and safety requirements of HDI PCB, automotive hdi pcb manufacturers must meet strong standards. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing automotive hdi pcb manufacturers:

a. Automotive hdi pcb manufacturers must closely comply with quality management system standards and industry manufacturing standards. For automotive panels, hdi pcb manufacturers must pass ISO9001 and IATF16949 certification systems.

b. HDI PCB manufacturers have solid manufacturing technology and strong hdi pcb manufacturing process capability. 

c. Automotive HDI PCB Manufacturers must follow the strictest rules when selecting PCB raw materials, which plays a key role in PCB reliability and performance.

HDI PCB Manufacturers Automotive product application scenarios

Automotive hdi pcb manufacturers manufacture automotive products that can be used in electronic fuel injection systems, traction control, automatic transmission (EAT), electronic power steering (EPS) and additional equipment.

It can be applied in automotive information system, vehicle computer, GPS system, automotive display screen, vehicle communication system and network equipment system. These functions are realized by products produced by hdi pcb manufacturers responsible for signal transmission and mass control.

China HDI PCB Manufacturers to expand capacity

At present, the upgrade of 5G intelligent terminals drives the demand growth and aggravates consumption of peak-order HDI. China HDI PCB Manufacturers have ushered in a great market opportunity. However, due to the lack of capacity reserve in the early stage of the industry and the lag of production expansion, the supply is tight. A number of events have compounded the shortage of automotive HDI board capacity. China HDI PCB Manufacturers quickly introduced hdi technology to improve innovation.

According to industry research, most cars and 5G mobile phones need to use HDI of the third order or above. From the perspective of the higher universal chip end, the matching of high-end 5G chips requires HDI technology at or above the third order. Most China HDI PCB manufacturers have more than 3 order hdi production technology ability. China hdi pcb manufacturers are expanding the production capacity of HDI.

Automotive HDI PCB Manufacturers material requirements

When automotive hdi pcb manufacturers choose raw materials, the thickness of the core board and dielectric layer should be taken into account. Automotive HDI PCB manufacturers must adopt at least two layers of core board lamination during the manufacturing process, which is conducive to later production.

The solder resistance layer directly over the board surface is also an essential factor in the manufacturing process of hdi pcb manufacturers. In addition to protecting the external circuit, it also plays an influential role in product appearance, quality and reliability. As a result, hdi pcb manufacturers produce solder resistance films after passing a number of reliability tests.

HDI PCB Manufacturers in China distribution

HDI PCB is a relatively concentrated area in the PCB industry. Heavy investment in production line, high technical requirements and environmental approval threshold of electroplating line are one of the essential factors to form hdi pcb manufacturers.

HDI PCB Manufacturers revealed that under the continuous impact of the global epidemic, the foreign orders have been sharply reduced, and the order flow of first-line large factories is commonly occurring.

Although hdi pcb manufacturers in China started late, under the trend of rapid growth of 5G mobile phone motherboard upgrade demand, smart phones, tablets, wearable devices and other electronic products are becoming more intelligent, miniaturized, high frequency, high speed, and severely integrated, and PCB components are also increasing significantly. As the domestic epidemic prevention and control has achieved results, 5G infrastructure has been accelerated, and mobile phones, base stations and server products have shown significant growth.

From the perspective of hdi pcb manufacturers in China, 36% of them are mainly distributed in Taiwan, 17% in Hong Kong and mainland China. How hdi pcb manufacturers in China meet customers' product demands has a profound impact on their annual operations and brings more market opportunities for hdi pcb manufacturers in China.


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