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SummaryHDI PCB Manufacturing process HDI, high density interconnected circuit board, is a circuit board with elevated circuit distribution density using micro-blind buried hole technology. It contains inner circuit and outer circuit, and then drilling is used to absorb the metallization process in the hole,...

HDI PCB Manufacturing process

HDI is a kind of HDI PCB manufacturing which adopts micro-blind hole burying technology to improve the circuit distribution density, and is used to realize the connection function between the internal circuits of each layer. The blind burring method for HDI PCB manufacturing is as follows:

① HDI PCB manufacturing is coated with photosensitive epoxy resin

② Baked circuit boards in HDI PCB manufacturing are used to cure resin

③ HDI PCB manufacturing will use the image transfer method to open the blind-hole window on the circuit board, remove the epoxy resin in the blind hole position, and make the inner graphic copper pad prominent.

④ Mechanical drilling through the hole

⑤ Metallization electroplating

⑥ Chemical corrosion of copper

HDI PCB Manufacturing process key points

The core steps of HDI PCB manufacturing process are the formation of high-precision printed circuit,the processing of micro-conduction holes, surface treatment and hole electroplating, etc. Then, what are the key points in the HDI PCB manufacturing process?

1.The HDI PCB manufacturing process has ultra-fine lines

With the development of science and technology, some high-tech equipment is becoming more and more miniaturized and refined, and the capability of HDI PCB manufacturing process is also becoming higher and higher.

2. Microporous processing of HDI PCB manufacturing process

A crucial feature of the HDI circuit board is that it has micro through holes (aperture <0.10 mm), which belong to the buried blind hole structure. At present, the buried blind holes on the HDI board are mainly processed by laser, but there is also CNC drilling. The automation equipment will be involved in the HDI PCB manufacturing process.

3. The HDI PCB manufacturing process of electroplating and surface treatment
The HDI PCB manufacturing process improves the plating uniformity, plating deep hole ability and reliability, which is due to the continuous improvement of the plating process by HDI PCB manufacturers, from the ratio of plating solution, equipment deployment, operating procedures and other aspects.

China HDI PCB Manufacturing material testing

Professional China HDI PCB manufacturing selects materials according to regulations. The main tests for HDI PCB manufacturing materials in China include conducting anode wire test (CAF), high and low temperature thermal shock test, climate temperature cycle test and heat storage test.

If the substrate or raw material provided by China HDI PCB manufacturing cannot meet the customer's requirements, potential risks will occur. This testing of China HDI PCB manufacturing materials is one of the key factors in determining qualified hdi pcb manufacturers. For professional China HDI PCB manufacturing, reliability technology is one of its critical reference factors.

HDI PCB Manufacturing quotes factors

1. Customer requirements

The higher the IPC standard, the more difficult HDI PCB manufacturing, and the higher the board price.

2. Number of HDI PCB manufacturing layers

When the area is the same, the additional HDI PCB manufacturing layers, the more costly.

3. Delivery date of HDI PCB manufacturing

The delivery speed of HDI PCB manufacturing will also affect the price of pcb boards.

4. Raw materials for HDI PCB manufacturing

Raw materials for HDI PCB manufacturing are the main cost of circuit board price, and the difficulty of circuit production is also a large factor. The higher the scrap rate of pcb board, the higher the cost will increase correspondingly.

5. Molds and tests generated in the process of HDI PCB manufacturing

Large volume HDI PCB manufacturers will advise customers to open the mold and punch the plate, and the price will also increase.

HDI PCB manufacturing is different

The HDI PCB manufacturing process differs from the traditional PCB manufacturing process in some simple but critical ways. It is critical to note that thinner tracks, smaller through holes, extra layers, and smaller components can be used in the HDI PCB manufacturing design, but be careful to adapt the design to the requirements of the HDI PCB manufacturing product. HDI PCB manufacturing requirements also become vital when we consider reliability requirements.

一. There are nine different universal medium materials in HDI substrate, and HDI PCB Manufacturing materials are as follows:

• Photosensitive liquid dielectrics for HDI PCB Manufacturing

• Photosensitive dry film dielectrics for HDI PCB Manufacturing

• Polyimide flexible film for HDI PCB Manufacturing

• Thermally cured dry films required for HDI PCB Manufacturing

• Thermally cured liquid dielectric required for HDI PCB Manufacturing

• Resin-coated copper (RCC) foil, dual-layer and reinforced for HDI PCB Manufacturing

• Conventional FR-4 cores and prepregs

• HDI PCB Manufacturing involves Improved laser-drillable (LD) prepregs

• Thermoplastics required for HDI PCB Manufacturing

二. There are numerous additional steps involved in the typical PCB Manufacturing process, but HDI PCB Manufacturing uses specific steps that may not be used in different boards.

1. HDI PCB Manufacturing will determine the number of layers required for all line signals, either using the largest BGA component on the board or the largest IC interface direction count on the board.

2. Obtain media data from HDI PCB manufacturing materials to create the PCB stack.

3. Determine the HDI PCB manufacturing style that will be used to signal through the inner line based on the number of layers and thickness.

4. According to the requirement of the capacity and reliability of the HDI PCB manufactures design rules.

HDI PCB manufacturing factories are tested

Several tests in HDI PCB manufacturing factories are used to measure the insulation resistance between two conductors, such as the minimum insulation resistance between the through-hole, buried hole, blind hole, and the minimum insulation resistance between parallel circuits.

1. Elevated and low temperature thermal impact test of HDI PCB manufacturing factories, which is embodied in the resistance shift rate between through hole, buried hole and blind hole.

2. Climate temperature cycle test of HDI PCB manufacturing factories. In HDI PCB manufacturing factories, test plates must be pretreated before reflow welding and adjusted to the minimum and maximum temperature for 15 minutes.

3. HDI PCB manufacturing factories' extreme-temperature storage testing is focused on the reliability of the solder resistance layer, which is the most rigorous test.

HDI PCB electronics manufacturing is essential

HDI PCB manufacturing is essential for many of today's top-end electronics, improving electrical performance through thinner wires, spacing, and higher connection density. HDI PCB manufacturing is ideal when the number of layers of PCB boards is higher. With the improvement of technology, base stations, mobile devices, laptops and other products need higher frequency, speed and size, so HDI PCB electronics manufacturing is also occupying an influential position.

HDI PCB manufacturing technology provides some of the most innovative features in modern electronics with a level of precision and skilled design and fabrication.


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HDI PCB Manufacturing Description

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Influencing factors of HDI PCB manufacturing

High density circuits are used in HDI PCB manufacturing. Prototype design is an important factor affecting the quality of HDI PCB manufacturing. The quality inspection process also affects the overall quality of HDI PCB manufacturing.

China HDI PCB manufacturing

HDI PCB manufacturing structures, such as 1+N+1, 2+N+2, and 3+N+3, and various types of through-holes can also be used for each HDI PCB manufacturing. The combination between the HDI PCB manufacturing structure and the type of through-holes used for each board, such as buried and blind holes, will determine the quality of the PCB

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