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SummaryHDI PCB suppliers content. The innovation of various dimensions of mobile phones in today' sera has promoted the motherboard of 5G mobile phones to at least 4 orders of 8-10 HDI, or higher orders. For each step increase, HDI PCB suppliers will increase the price by 800-1000 yuan. The rapid increas...

Development of HDI PCB suppliers In China

The innovation of various dimensions of mobile phones in today's era has promoted the motherboard of 5G mobile phones to at least 4 orders of 8-10 HDI, or higher orders. For each step increase, HDI PCB suppliers will increase the price by 800-1000 yuan. The rapid increase in shipment volume further drives the demand for top-end HDI PCB, and increases the rapid expansion of the capacity of HDI PCB suppliers, bringing opportunities to China's HDI PCB suppliers.

According to the situation of China HDI PCB suppliers, the circuit has numerous years of industrial accumulation, abundant and complete product system, and has accumulated a large number of high-quality customer resources in the automotive and communication industries, realizing the growth of performance and the enhancement of profitability. In the future, HDI PCB suppliers will benefit from 5G construction in the long run.

Huihe HDI PCB suppliers have improved numerous key technical difficulties in the manufacture of high-order HDI PCB boards, such as arbitrary layer interconnection, minimum line width/line distance, blind hole filling and layer alignment deviation control. HDI PCB suppliers have also achieved decent results in different technology sectors such as multilayer rigid flex HDI PCB and high frequency and high speed printed circuit boards.

China HDI PCB suppliers and 5G market

With the further development of 5G technology, electronic products such as smartphones, tablets and wearable devices produced by HDI PCB suppliers tend to be more intelligent, miniaturized, high-frequency, high-speed and accurately integrated. HDI PCB suppliers are also increasing the number of components in their products. Meanwhile, the high-frequency and high-speed transmission functions of 5G smart products are also increasing, which requires larger screens and higher resolution.

Due to the limited capability of traditional HDI process, it is difficult to meet the requirements. HDI PCB suppliers with additional stacking layers, smaller line spacing and extra multi-function modules become one of the best choices. Huihe circuit began to main attack 5 g consumer 3 c products, have been proofing number 10-14 layer HDI PCB samples, involving smartphones, high-end tablet application field, wisdom, watches and other products. With the improvement of the PCB industry economy, the transfer of production capacity to China HDI PCB suppliers has accelerated, and the proportion of China HDI PCB suppliers is also increasing rapidly, from 14% in 2011 to 23% in 2018. Meanwhile, China HDI PCB suppliers actively started the construction of HDI factories to expand the production capacity of top-level HDI.  Strong efficiency, decent quality, short delivery time, large capacity and low cost are the characteristics of China HDI PCB suppliers.

HDI PCB suppliers and consumer electronics development

The consumer electronic products produced by HDI PCB suppliers tend to be high-density, mainly mobile terminal products and computer products, which are in strong demand for smart phones. At the same time, the mobile phones manufactured by HDI PCB suppliers have the highest requirements for HDI technical capability, which leads to the upgrading of HDI technology, from the traditional first-order and second-order to the multi-order, and the middle and high-end technology is transferred to the multi-layer HDI technology.

HDI PCB suppliers of tablets, computers, and smart speakers match the HDI technology, which drives HDI PCB suppliers to speed up capacity expansion. The perforation process of HDI PCB suppliers is the core technical threshold of HDI products, while drilling machines and exposure machines are the investment barriers of HDI PCB suppliers.

HDI PCB manufacturing suppliers status quo

With the development of electronic products in the direction of light, light and short, HDI PCB suppliers also put forward the technical requirements of extreme density. HDI PCB manufacturing suppliers can achieve smaller aperture, thinner line width, smaller through hole number, can save PCB wiring area, considerably improve component density, improve RF interference, electromagnetic wave interference, electrostatic discharge, etc.

From the perspective of the PCB industry chain, the upstream includes raw materials such as copper clad plate, resin and dry film, the midstream is HDI PCB suppliers, and the downstream includes various application scenarios such as computer, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, aerospace, etc.

In terms of industry output value, HDI PCB suppliers will continue to grow in the future with the increasing penetration of various wearable devices, intelligent display devices and on-board HDI PCB. According to the data statistics of professionals, the global HDI output value is expected to increase to 15 billion dollars by 2026.

From the perspective of production expansion by HDI PCB suppliers, as the most high-end product of PCB process, HDI still has its own advantages in terms of technology maturity and cost. Its applications in 5G mobile phones, Internet of Things and automotive electronics ensure the continuous increase of demand. Bring continuous opportunities to China HDI PCB suppliers.


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Development of HDI PCB suppliers

The growth rate of HDI PCB industry is becoming stable. HDI PCB suppliers are developing towards high precision, high density and high reliability, and constantly reducing the size and improving the performance. HDI PCB suppliers have adapted to the development of various downstream electronic equipment industries. In the future, HDI PCB suppliers will increase technical R&D and equipment input.

China HDI PCB supplier

Not all HDI PCB suppliers can do well in HDI boards. Huihe PCB is one of the professional HDI PCB suppliers and has its own complete system. The quality acceptance standard has always adopted the IPC2 standard to ensure the high quality of HDI PCB suppliers. reliability.

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