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High frequency PCB is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. High frequency PCB is often used in automotive collision prevention systems, satellite systems, radio systems and other fields. High frequency PCB manufacturing materials commonly used are the Rogers series, Taconic series, Arlon series, Taiyao, Panasonic, Isola, Nelco and so on.​

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  • High Frequency PCB Material

    High Frequency PCBHigh Frequency PCB Material

    Now that science and technology have developed and the electronic communication industry is developing rapidly, the development of the new generation requires high-frequency substrates, and highfrequency PCB boards have an impact on our lives. The high-frequency signals of highfrequ...

    2022-11-04High Frequency PCB

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High Frequency PCB MaterialHigh Frequency PCB Material

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High Frequency PCB MaterialHigh Frequency PCB Material

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