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What is high Tg PCB material?

When the glass transition temperature (Tg) is over 170°C, it is referred to as a high Tg material. High Tg materials have the following properties: High glass flow temperature value (Tg) High temperature durability.

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  • Tg 180 PCB Board

    Tg 180 PCBTg 180 PCB Board

    Tg 180 PCB Board Features 1. Tg 180 PCB board has the advantages of high assembly density, small size and light weight.2. Due to the high assembly density of Tg 180 PCB board, the wires between components (including components) are reduced, thus improving the reliability.3. Tg 180 PCB board can incre...

    2023-01-05Tg 180 PCB

  • China high tg pcb manufacture

    High Tg PCBChina high tg pcb manufacture

    High Tg PCB manufacturer High tg PCB manufacturer's high temperature resistant tg 180 circuit board conforms to UL94-V0 flame retardant characteristics. The raw material brands of tg 180 circuit board are Shengyi and Nanya boards. The high tg PCB manufacturer provides high frequency and high...

    2023-01-04High Tg PCB

  • What are the High TG PCB Material?

    High Tg PCBWhat are the High TG PCB Material?

    high Tg PCB Advantages On November 29, 2022, today we sorted out some advantages of high Tg PCB. If you still have any questions, please contact us Huihe, and we will have professional personnel to answer the advantages of high Tg PCB for you. The use of high Tg PCB boards can improve...

    2022-11-29High Tg PCB

  • High Quality High Tg PCB

    High Tg PCBHigh Quality High Tg PCB

    High Tg PCB board is when the temperature rises to a certain area, the substrate will change from "glass state" to "rubber state", and the temperature at this time is called the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the board. That is, Tg is the highest temperature (°C) at which...

    2022-11-22High Tg PCB

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