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Multilayer flex PCB structure

Multilayer Flex PCB by "multiple single-side CCL (or double panel) + pure glue + protective film (CVL)" pressed together, Multilayer Flex PCB through the PTH hole will be connected to each layer wire, due to too many layers, Poor flexibility of Multilayer Flex PCB (good flexibility of pure rubber opening design area)

Advantages of multilayer flex PCB

Like rigid Multilayer PCB, Multilayer Flex PCB adopts multi-layer lamination technology. The advantages of Multilayer Flex PCB are that the substrate film is light weight and has excellent electrical characteristics. The Multilayer Flex PCB made of polyimide film as the base material is about 1/3 lighter than the rigid epoxy glass cloth Multilayer PCB board, but the Multilayer Flex PCB loses the excellent flexibility of single-sided, double-sided soft PCB. Most of these products do not require flexibility.

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    Multilayer Flex PCBChina Multilayer Flex PCB

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Multilayer Flex PCB IntroductionMultilayer Flex PCB Introduction

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