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SummaryHow does a Multilayer PCB Factory Control Quality? Quality is the foundation of a company's survival. If the quality control is not in place, the company will not go far. If a multilayer PCB factory wants to control the quality of the PCB board, how to control it?The total quality management of m...

How does a Multilayer PCB Factory Control Quality?

Quality is the foundation of a company's survival. If the quality control is not in place, the company will not go far. If a multilayer PCB factory wants to control the quality of the PCB board, how to control it?

The total quality management of multilayer PCB factory is the quality management of the whole production process of PCB. It involves the management of design, materials, equipment, technology, inspection, storage, packaging, and the quality of all employees.

Quality management in the production process of multilayer PCB factory is the core part of quality management. Because high-quality PCBs are produced by using qualified raw materials through strict and reasonable processes, the inspection is just to pass inspections, select qualified products, and pick out defective and waste products. The quality management in the production process of multilayer PCB factory mainly focuses on the following aspects.

1. Use qualified raw materials

The main raw materials used in the production of multilayer PCB factories should be inspected by the quality inspection department, and the raw materials that have not passed the inspection of the quality inspection department are not allowed to enter the production area. For some important raw materials, such as foil-clad boards, the multilayer PCB factory should be blanked according to the processing order, and the foil-clad boards after blanking should be registered according to the table for search.

Multilayer PCB factories control the quality of PCB boards. First, they must conduct strict quality inspections of the raw materials. If any defects are found, they must be registered, reported, and proposed solutions. Only when the quality of raw materials is guaranteed is it possible to obtain high-quality PCB boards. If the quality of raw materials cannot be guaranteed, PCB boards made by multilayer PCB factories are also likely to encounter problems such as blistering, delamination, cracking, board warping, and uneven thickness. Therefore, raw materials must be strictly inspected to provide guarantee for subsequent production.

2. Quality inspection during production

When the quality of raw materials is guaranteed, it is necessary to pay attention to the problems that will occur in the production process of the multilayer PCB factory. The multilayer PCB factory should conduct quality inspection and inspection of each process link in the production process to ensure that each process has work instructions to facilitate comprehensive control of PCB quality.

3. Quality management of semi-finished products in each process

After the production of the multilayer PCB factory is completed, random inspection must be carried out. Although the quality inspection has been carried out in the raw materials and production process, there will still be defects caused by various reasons. Therefore, the multilayer PCB factory will inspect the The whole batch of PCB boards will be randomly inspected. As long as the passing rate of the sampling inspection reaches the standard, the factory is allowed to leave the factory. If the passing rate of the sampling inspection is not up to the standard, the multilayer PCB factory will conduct a full inspection and repair, and must be responsible for the quality of each PCB board that leaves the factory.

4. Finished product inspection

The quality inspector of the multilayer PCB factory conducts full inspection and statistical sampling inspection according to the technical documents. For qualified products, the inspector's code stamp should be stamped on the appropriate position of the finished board; each package should be accompanied by the quality inspection department. certificate. For defective repair products in multilayer PCB factories, inspectors should fill out the defective repair form, and after being signed by the person in charge of the inspection department, send it back to the relevant department for countersignature for repair. After signing, it shall be stored separately from qualified products.

If a multilayer PCB factory wants to control the quality of PCB boards, it must have a quality control system, which is often referred to as ISO9001. Usually, the concept of the quality control system is real-time quality measurement and supervision.

How to Make a Multilayer PCB Factory Fast?

Speed is a kind of quality, but also a state. For multilayer PCB factories, fast means that they can well meet the urgent needs of users.

1. Support online pricing and real-time quotation

Multilayer PCB factory uses a new ERP system to support online pricing and other functions. Users can enter the online pricing page and fill in relevant factors related to their needs to get an accurate quotation. If the price meets your own budget cost, you can place an order online, and the operation process is convenient.

2. Delivery on time

Taking a multilayer PCB factory as an example, their expedited boards are shipped on time and the delivery date is guaranteed.

3. Quality Assurance

Multilayer PCB factories generally adopt advanced automated production equipment and mature production technology to ensure product quality. Advanced production equipment can promote efficient and high-quality production of multilayer PCB factories, while backward production equipment will slow down the production process, and even fail to produce products that meet quality requirements. Therefore, multilayer PCB factories should ensure the quality of the circuit board from the hardware and increase investment in equipment, so as to achieve stable and efficient production.

All in all, the "fastness" of multilayer PCB factory is not achieved overnight, but the final result is formed by the interaction of various factors. The pursuit of speed is not only a guarantee for product delivery and quality, but also a manifestation of its own good service attitude. Overall, it is also an unremitting driving force for the progress of multilayer PCB factory.

While pursuing excellent quality, multilayer PCB factories should also grasp the real needs of target customers according to market positioning, take meeting customer requirements as the criterion, and pursue excellence on the basis of advancing with the times.

Which Multilayer PCB Factory is Better?

Which multilayer PCB factory is better? In fact, there is no such thing as a good or bad multilayer PCB factory. The specific decision should be made according to your own needs. It depends on your process requirements, the number of products and other related data. When choosing a multilayer PCB factory, it is better to choose the one that suits you. So how to judge the quality of a multilayer PCB factory?

1. Check whether the layout and routing of the components of the multilayer PCB factory are reasonable: just for this point, it has a great impact on the life, stability and electromagnetic compatibility of the product. Generally speaking, the fixed-position components related to the structure should be placed first, and then other components should be placed from large to small. In addition, the layout of the components should also pay attention to the problem of heat dissipation, and the heating components should be scattered and cannot be concentrated in the same place. All parallel signal lines should be spaced as far apart as possible to reduce crosstalk. If there are two signal lines that are close to each other, run a ground wire between the two lines, which can play a shielding role.

2. Check whether the adjustment is perfect: After completing the PCB circuit board wiring, the multilayer PCB factory needs to make some adjustments to the text, individual components, and wiring, as well as copper plating for production, debugging, and maintenance.

3. Does the multilayer PCB factory use the simulation function for PCB prototype: In order to ensure that the PCB can be prototyped correctly, the multilayer PCB factory can use software for simulation, especially for high-frequency digital circuits, some problems can be found in advance, to reduce the later debugging workload.

4. If there are high-current devices on the PCB board of the multilayer PCB factory: If there are high-current devices on the PCB board, such as relays, indicator lights, speakers, etc., their ground wires should be separated to reduce the ground wires. Noise, the ground wires of these high-current devices should be connected to an independent ground bus on the plug-in board and the backplane, and these independent ground wires should also be connected to the ground point of the entire system.

6. Check whether the design is a circular arc: Avoid sharp turns when the signal transmission line is used to prevent the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. Reflections are caused by sudden changes, and good multilayer PCB factories usually design uniform arc lines with a certain size.


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