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Qualified China PCB assembly manufacturers

Most customers and engineers do not understand how to choose qualified PCB assembly manufacturers. PCB assembly manufacturing is a extremely complex and professional process. From early communication, to procurement, to production, and to the assembly of finished products in the later stage, without a professional, rigorous and experienced team, it is easy to have problems in various links, which will lead to poor production results. Therefore, when choosing PCB assembly manufacturers, we should pay attention to the following points :

1. Degree of specialization of PCB assembly manufacturers

First of all, it is necessary to see whether PCB assembly manufacturers have professional equipment, such as high-speed SMT machine, multi-temperature zone reflow welding, AOI detector, ICT online tester and additional equipment, which are the basis of production. Do PCB assembly manufacturers have professional process management? PCB board assembly manufacturing needs professional equipment, but also needs professional process management to control the quality.  Commonly, better PCB assembly manufacturers will be certified by ISO9001 quality management system and IPC-A-610E electronic assembly acceptance standard. Do PCB assembly manufacturers have SOP working instructions and other documents to guide the behavior of employees? By checking the documents and qualification certificates of PCB assembly manufacturers, we can understand the strength of PCB assembly manufacturers in quality control.

2. Service awareness of PCB assembly manufacturers

PCB board assembly manufacturing does not only products, but also services, processing services, pre-sale and after-sales services. PCB assembly manufacturers with a favorable sense of service can respond quickly when customers encounter problems. Solve problems for customers. The service awareness of PCB assembly manufacturers is highly significant. The stand or fall of PCB assembly manufacturers' service consciousness can understand the company's corporate culture and business personnel to understand customer's attitude.

3. Industry experience in PCB assembly manufacturers

Years of experience in the industry can reflect the strength of PCB assembly manufacturers to a certain extent. Secondly, it depends on whether the products are high-end, mid-end or low-end, and which field PCB assembly manufacturers manufacture. Through these to judge whether to match their own, only the right is the best.

4. Prices of PCB assembly manufacturers

In the market, the price of prototype PCB assembly is relatively transparent, with some high prices and some low prices, but the lower the price is not the better. We should choose the appropriate cost-effective PCB assembly manufacturers according to our own situation.

China PCB assembly manufacturers' Mini-LED market

In recent years, with the continuous development of backlight display technology, Mini LED backlight as a modern backlight technology has attracted extensive attention in the industry.  The Mini LED backlight has made a fierce impact on the traditional LED backlight pcb assembly manufacturing market with its advantages of strong contrast and strong brightness, and has won the favor of major brands.

1.  PCB assembly manufacturers' Mini-LED products have excellent performance and broad market scale. 

The Mini-LED market of PCB assembly manufacturers is developing rapidly, and the comprehensive performance of Mini-LED is excellent. The backlight market is the first to open the breakthrough of PCB assembly manufacturers. Mini-LED inherits the characteristics of inorganic LED, such as high efficiency, extreme brightness, strong reliability and rapid reaction time. Mini-LED has the advantages of better brightness uniformity, higher contrast and longer life.

2. Mini-LED PCB assembly manufacturers have higher requirements for backplane. 

Mini-LED puts forward higher requirements on the substrate due to the reduction of chip size and spacing. At present, there are mainly three kinds of Mini-LED substrate schemes: PCB, FPC and glass, among which PCB and glass substrate are more favored.The Mini-LED supply chain of PCB assembly manufacturers is gradually maturing, and the TV, laptop and tablet sectors will become the main downstream application areas of Mini-LED. At present, the Mini-LED supply chain of domestic PCB assembly manufacturers is mostly mature, and the manufacturing cost is also significantly reduced.

Mini-LED commercial scale, PCB assembly manufacturers benefit obviously. The cost ratio of PCB substrate in Mini-LED backlight module is the largest. PCB assembly manufacturers increase the investment of Mini-LED substrate. Currently, numerous PCB assembly manufacturers have developed Mini-LED PCB substrate. Rapid market response, mass production and product yield have become the core competencies of PCB assembly manufacturers.  China PCB assembly manufacturers' Mini-LED industrial chain is relatively mature. From chip end to packaging and display end, China has fundamentally realized a complete Mini-LED industrial chain. This gives China PCB assembly manufacturers a chance to develop.

Flux characteristics of China PCB assembly manufacturers

PCB assembly manufacturers in the welding process can purify the welding metal and welding surface, to help welding substances called flux, short for flux. Flux is indispensable in the process of soft soldering process material, flux and solder are used separately. Flux is an influential part of solder paste in PCB assembly manufacturing reflow soldering process. The welding quality is really rapid. In addition to the quality of solder alloy, components, pcb board and welding process, it also has a very significant relationship with the performance of flux and the selection of flux. PCB assembly manufacturers' requirements for the chemical characteristics of flux are as follows :

1. PCB assembly manufacturers flux appearance should be uniform, transparent, no foreign matter, no precipitation or stratification phenomenon. Flux should not emit toxic, harmful or strong pungent smell of gas and strong smoke, conducive to the protection of the environment. Its color should not shift during the effective storage period.

2.  The viscosity and density of molten solder is modest, easy to replace. PCB assembly manufacturers' flux density can be diluted with solvent, should be 0.80-0.95g/cm3 at 23 degrees, no-wash flux should be within (100±1.5) % of its nominal density.

3.  The surface tension is smaller than the solder, the wetting expansion speed is faster than the molten solder, the expansion rate is > 85%.

4. The melting point is lower than the solder. Before the solder melts, the flux provided by PCB assembly manufacturers can give full play to the role of welding aid.

5. The content of non-volatile substances provided by PCB assembly manufacturers shall not be more than 15%, and no splashing of welding beads, toxic gas and strong pungent odor will be produced during welding.

6. PCB assembly manufacturing after welding residue surface should be non-adhesive, not touch. PCB assembly manufacturers product surface chalk powder should be easy to remove.

7. PCB assembly manufacturers' wash free flux requires solid content < 2.0%, no halide, fewer residue after welding, no moisture absorption, no corrosion, excellent insulation performance, insulation resistance >   1*10 square ohms.

8. Water cleaning, semi-water cleaning and solvent cleaning fluxes require easy cleaning after welding.

9. The chemical properties of PCB assembly manufacturers' flux are stable when stored at room temperature.