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How to choose a good flex PCB manufacturer

1. Look for a flex PCB manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry.

2. Ask the manufacturer for references from previous customers.

3. Compare the pricing and quality of the manufacturer's products.

4. Make sure the manufacturer has the necessary equipment and expertise to produce high-quality flex PCBs.

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Medical PCB Assembly Quotes & Order Process

Are you looking for a medical PCB assembly partner that you can cooperate with for a long time. Hope to receive a quotation for professional medical PCB assembly. If you are interested in getting a quote for Medical PCB Assembly, based on your request we will need the following information: PCB Assembly Advanced Circuit List PCB Assembly Quote List; PCB Assembly Advanced Circuit BOM View Sample BOM; PCB Assembly Advanced Circuit CLP View Sample CPL. Our business manager will be in touch with you shortly.

China Medical PCB Assembly Quotes

Medical PCB assembly quotes Principle For many people, only recognize that a certain technology is about the price, but do not understand how it is generated, or even think that the company arbitrarily sets the price. Medical PCB assembly quotes have certain principles.  Let us take a look at the three principles of Medical PCB assembly quotes.

1. Medical PCB assembly quotes market and product analysis principles

Customer-facing Medical PCB assembly quotes need to be evaluated from the information retained by the customer. In order to determine the customer's size, market and volume potential, price and service acceptance, product value added and other information, all of the above work must be done before the target PCB assembly quotes.

2. Medical PCB assembly quotes have attractive pricing principles

Giving the customer a competitive price does not mean it is the lowest price, we need to carefully evaluate and make an intermediate offer without sacrificing profit.

3. Medical PCB assembly quotes embody the principle of professionalism

With the development of science and technology, SMT can also mount some large-size parts, which is reflected in the contract of Medical PCB assembly quotes, which can give customers a good impression of professionalism.

Medical PCB assembly quotes are becoming more and more convenient, practically a simple page can be done, the selection of processing prices immediately appear, saving time and effort.

Medical PCB assembly quotes three components

The time of Medical PCB assembly quotes is the concern of various customers. Medical PCB assembly quotes mainly include PCB board fee, SMT patch processing fee and component procurement fee. Therefore, the evaluation time of Medical PCB assembly quotes is the time required for comprehensive evaluation of these three quotes, and then the time required for analyzing Medical PCB Assembly quotes from the following three aspects.

1. PCB board fee for Medical PCB assembly quotes

PCB quotation requires the customer to provide board making information and board making instructions. How frequently does the special process need to be charged separately? Plus additional incidents, a complete set of prices can be quoted within half an hour.

2.  SMT processing fee for Medical PCB assembly quotes

General PCB assembly factories are calculated according to the number of points. This piece of evaluation, in fact, can be fully completed within half an hour.

3. Component costs of Medical PCB assembly quotes

The components include conventional resistance and capacity and special devices. Conventional components are transparent in the market, and it is easy to evaluate the price, but some special BGA and IC will be more troublesome.  Numerous special components will be involved in international embargo, strict approval process, high customs clearance time, and unstable price. The component cycle of Medical PCB assembly quotes is usually 3-4 days.

After the above decomposition, it can be found that Medical PCB assembly quotes need several working days, unless enterprises with their own reserve materials can evaluate in a extremely short time, others may only be PCB and SMT patches relatively rapidly.