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PCB online quote analysis

With the development of The Times, China's traditional manufacturing has gradually transformed into intelligent manufacturing; the combination of manufacturing and information technology is a breakthrough in China's industrial history. Therefore, the PCB online quote system can be said to be a product of The Times; it breaks the traditional factory offline quotation mode and considerably improves factory production efficiency. But many people have been confused by the variable price of the PCB online quote system. Please explain the reason for the variable price.

PCB industrial chain from upstream raw materials to midstream base materials, each link will have an impact on PCB quotation, and the cost of raw materials accounts for the largest proportion of PCB operating costs, about 60-70%. PCB online quote system on the market to provide other types of board are different, the price is not the same, Hui He circuit provides basic can meet all the requirements of the product Jian FR-4 board.

The cost calculation of the PCB industry is the most special and complex in all the electronics industry.  The PCB online quote system correctly solves the disadvantages of traditional quotation, but also reflects the intelligent level of a PCB manufacturer. The PCB online quote system developed by Huihe Circuit is easy to operate, transparent and convenient to check the price details, which is extremely convenient for fresh customers.

PCB online quote method

With the continuous development of Internet technology, more and more circuit board manufacturers have introduced PCB online quote system to shorten the waiting time of customers.

First, determine the PCB online quote the number of layers of the circuit board on the system, the size of the board, the number of the board, the thickness of the board, the number of the assembled board, and then choose the delivery time according to the area of the board and other factors.

Second, select the surface treatment process, solder resistance color, character color, welding covering method, copper foil thickness and processing method, and then price assessment through the PCB online quote system.

Third, after determining the selection factors related to the selection of the PCB, the payment method on the PCB online quote system should be selected, including whether to issue invoices and the type of express logistics packaging. If there is any special request, please indicate the information.

According to the above three aspects, the production price of PCB circuit board can be preliminarily obtained. If there is a need for a special board, please contact the customer service staff to avoid the loss caused by the system prompt error of PCB online quote.

PCB online quote benefits of the system

PCB manufacturers began to realize the recent innovation and development from modern information technology, more and more attention to information technology. PCB online quote is the first step of information technology for PCB manufacturers. What are the benefits of PCB online quote development for PCB manufacturers?

PCB online quote is an ordering platform combining self-service online pricing, online ordering, online payment and additional functions. Users can price and place orders through the platform anytime and anywhere, which saves the tedious, time-consuming and laborious process of traditional quotation. In addition, the production progress of orders can be checked on PCB online quote platform. Let customers accurately query the production process of the board which step, including the logistics progress, let customers know at anytime where they want the board, is to let customers enjoy the most convenient and rapid integration of the order platform, and considerably improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

Due to its industry characteristics, the quotation is complex and professional, which also makes the labor cost high and the quotation error large, printed circuit board manufacturers develop PCB online quote, customers can choose the appearance size, plate material, production process online, etc. PCB online quote system automatically calculates the price according to the unique valuation formula of the circuit board, promotes the transaction, and reduces the pre-sale cost for the enterprise.

Printed circuit board manufacturers develop PCB online quote system, allowing enterprises to directly trade with customers, establish customer relationships on the network, help enterprises to centralized management and utilization of resources, expand the geographical scope of sales, relying on the popularity of the Internet, let customers take the initiative to find the door, reduce the cost of sales.

Printed circuit board enterprises develop PCB online quote software, 24 hours unlimited time, geographical, self-help quotation, there is a network that can be traded, to provide great convenience for enterprises and customers. These are the advantages of PCB online quote software developed by PCB manufacturers.