How To Choose PCB Prototype Manufacturers?

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SummaryBefore looking for manufacturers to produce PCB circuit boards in volume, it is necessary to check whether the quality and design of PCB meet the standards. PCB prototypeis required, and the quantity is generally between 5 and 10 pieces. So for customers in demand, how to choose PCB prototype&...

Before looking for manufacturers to produce PCB circuit boards in volume, it is necessary to check whether the quality and design of PCB meet the standards. PCB prototype is required, and the quantity is generally between 5 and 10 pieces. So for customers in demand, how to choose PCB prototype manufacturers? 

PCB circuit board manufacturers are mainly divided into two parts:

1.Rush PCB factory, this is to make pcb prototyping and high volume PCB. The speed is relatively fast, usually for rushing customers.

2. High volume PCB. The delivery time is within the normal range.

3. PCB prototyping is generally divided into 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours. Normal delivery time, each time the delivery price is different.

Precautions For Choosing PCB Prototype Manufacturers

One is the quality. It is important to see whether the copper thickness of PCB meets the specification, whether the line is flat, whether the surface of the board is smooth, whether the copper foil adhesion is good enough, and so on. These are all important factors to querying the quality of pcb prototype manufacturers. Only when the product quality is guaranteed can the pcb prototype manufacturers be chosen.

The second is speed. Nowadays, many customers have the need of rushing prototype, which puts forward higher requirements for the shipment of PCB prototype manufacturers.

The third is efficiency. It mainly focuses on the pcb prototype manufacturers's review speed of orders, quotation speed and processing speed of customer feedback problems.

Production Process Of pcb prototype manufacturers

First of all, we need to inform the PCB prototype manufacturers of the documents, process requirements and quantity. The following is the prototype process of PCB:

1. Sheets cutting

Purpose: According to the requirements of engineering data MI, PCB prototype manufacturers cut the large sheet board to meet the requirements of customers.


Purpose: According to the engineering data, PCB prototype manufacturers drill the desired aperture at the corresponding position.

3. Electroless Plating Copper

Purpose: Electroless Plating Copper is to deposit a thin layer of copper on the insulating hole wall by chemical method

4. Graphics transfer

Purpose: Graphics transfer is the production of film on the image transfer to the board

5. Graphic plating

Purpose: Figure plating is to electroplate a layer of copper and gold nickel or tin of required thickness on the exposed copper skin or hole wall of the line figure.

6. Stripping

Purpose: PCB prototype manufacturers use NaOH solution to recede the anti-plating coating layer to expose the non-line copper layer.

7. Etching

Purpose: PCB prototype manufacturers use chemical reaction to corrode the copper layer of non - line parts. 

8. The green oil

Purpose: PCB prototype manufacturers transfer the green oil film graphics to the board to protect the line and prevent the tin on the line when welding parts

9. Legend

Purpose: To provide an identifiable mark

10. Surface treatment

Purpose: To spray a layer of lead tin on the exposed copper surface not covered with solder resistance oil to protect the copper surface from corrosion and oxidation, so as to ensure good welding performance.

11. Routing

Purpose: PCB prototype manufacturers through the mold stamping or CNC routing machine to produce the shape required by customers.

12. Testing

Purpose: PCB prototype manufacturers through the testing machine or visual to find out the PCB open circuit, short circuit and other defects affecting the function.

13Final inspection

Purpose: PCB prototype manufacturers through the visual inspection board appearance defects, and minor defects repair

Which pcb prototype manufacturer is good?

PCB prototype refers to the trial production of the circuit board before mass production. After the engineer designs the circuit diagram and completes the conversion of PCB format, the process of small volume trial production is carried out to the factory. This process belongs to the confirmation and testing of the unfinished product design. Various electronic manufacturing enterprises will find some professional PCB prototype manufacturers to cooperate, which is what we call PCB prototype.

With the continuous upgrading of electronic products, the market demand is also growing. However, there are many PCB prototype manufacturers, so it is really important to choose a suitable PCB prototype manufacturers. PCB prototype is a complex process. In order to meet the requirements of decent performance of the product, need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Efficiency

Efficiency is a very important factor. Delivery time and quality are the hard strength of the factory, and also the most favored by customers. Now PCB prototype manufacturers generally provide expediting services.

2. Quality

Quality must not be neglected. From raw materials, drawing, to production, testing, quality control, etc., every process needs to be strictly checked.

3. Process

Equipped with advanced equipment to produce samples, high yield, in order to ensure the production capacity, but also reflects the core technology.

4. Service

Rapid response to customer needs and problems, professional service is easier to solve technical, technological problems.

There are many PCB prototype manufacturers in the market. In the process of selection, we should pay attention to the above points and choose manufacturers according to our own needs. Huihe Circuits is a professional PCB prototype manufacturers. If you need PCB prototype or PCB high volume service, please feel free to contact us.


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