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SummaryWhat is PCBA? PCB bare board through SMT on or after DIP plug-in of the whole process is called PCBA. In a word, PCBA is the whole process of making a good and usable circuit board from scratch. The production process of PCBA mainly includes :PCB production is mainly based on the design of the PCB...

What is PCBA?

PCB bare board through SMT on or after DIP plug-in of the whole process is called PCBA. In a word, PCBA is the whole process of making a good and usable circuit board from scratch. The production process of PCBA mainly includes :

  • PCB production is mainly based on the design of the PCB file to make a physical process, and then according to the PCBA file will be determined in advance of various electronic components on the PCB board assembly. At present, there are two main assembly methods: SMT mounting and DIP inserting. SMT mounting is mainly for electronic components that are welded and packaged with welded feet, while DIP inserting is mainly for electronic components that are welded and packaged with welded feet.

  • PCBA is mostly made by SMT mounting and then DIP insertion. SMT installation is mostly automatic assembly by machines and equipment after program setting, while DIP installation is mostly manual assembly or automatic assembly by equipment after program setting.

  • The main purpose of PCBA testing is to ensure that the material and circuit of PCB sufficiently meet the requirements of the design document, ensure that the electronic components on the PCB board are accurately assembled and in place, and there are no missing installation, wrong installation, reverse installation, poor welding, damaged components and other factors, so as to ensure the normal use of PCBA finished products.

  • In accordance with the requirements of the PCBA design document, to the specified electronic components (mainly IC) design procedures, that is, to complete the software installation, to ensure that the entire PCB board can achieve certain specific functions.

After the above steps, the pcb board is first made according to the designed PCB board related documents, and then the electronic components purchased according to the BOM are assembled on the PCB board according to the PCBA board making documents. After PCBA testing to ensure that the hardware part is correct, and then install the software program, after testing to ensure that the relevant functions can be realized naturally, this whole process is the so-called PCBA.

PCBA Manufacturing process and characteristics

1. The PCBA Manufacturing process can be divided into several major processes, as described below :

  • SMT patch processing : solder paste mixing → solder paste printing →SPI→ mounting → reflow welding →AOI→ repair

  • DIP plug-in processing link : plug-in → wave soldering → foot cutting → post-welding processing → plate washing → quality inspection

  • PCBA test : PCBA test can be divided into ICT test, FCT test, aging test, vibration test, etc. 

  • Finished product assembly : The tested PCBA board is assembled into the shell, then tested, and finally ready for shipment.

2. Characteristics of PCBA Manufacturing process

PCBA Manufacturing is a chain, and any problem in any link will have a great impact on the overall quality. PCBA processing plant will closely control each process, which can effectively save customers' time cost and avoid wasting the price negotiation and purchasing time in the procurement of electronic materials such as IC, resistor, capacitor and transistor. At the same time, save inventory costs, material inspection time, personnel expenses, and thus on, effectively reducing the risk of customers.

PCBA Supplier in china

Every electronic product produced today is powered by one or more printed circuit boards. In order to keep pace with the rapid development of The Times, any PCBA supplier must conduct product quality assurance tests so as to avoid problems. The PCBA supplier must automatically perform quality assurance checks to provide equipment manufacturers (Oems) with high quality component assurance for end-user products. Currently, supplier provides the following quality testing methods and tools: vision, microscope, X-ray, saw, AOI, functional test, inspection camera, etc.

The floor staff performing the final PCBA product inspection must understand the standards of some key quality control indicators. Achieving the ultimate goal of enhanced reliability while reducing the complexity and number of components in the PCBA, the DPU and DPMO metrics allow PCBA suppliers to track product and process quality.

PCBA engineers can also look at the layout and wiring path of the board to determine if any layers need to be added to optimize the circuit. The presence of a solder mask between the pin and the pass hole is verified and the screen printing of the board is obvious to the customer.

Since numerous components of the finished PCBA depend on the PCB as a power source, quality assurance must be a priority in the process from board design to assembly. Not only do they produce higher quality products for the OEM, but they also identify process improvements that increase efficiency, reduce production time and reduce costs for PCBA suppliers.

PCBA Test Fixture

The PCBA test fixture is a highly significant fixture in the PCBA processing plant. It is generally placed at the end of the production process to verify that the product is in acceptable condition. When making and testing PCBA test fixtures, it is necessary to meet the specified requirements in order to improve the test accuracy and delivery quality. PCBA test fixture is a kind of fixture specially used for testing and testing the function, power calibration, life and performance of the product. It is mainly used for testing various indicators of the product on the PCBA production line, so it is called PCBA test fixture.

1. PCBA test fixture classification

  • The ICT test mainly includes circuit on-off, voltage and current values, wave curve, amplitude, noise, etc. 

  • The FCT test requires IC program firing, simulation test of the function of the whole PCBA board, finding the problems in the hardware and software, and equiping with the necessary production fixture and test rack.

  • Vibration test is mainly to sample PCBA board, and carry out high-frequency and long-term operation of functions to observe whether failure occurs and judge the probability of failure in test, so as to feedback the working performance of PCBA board in electronic products.

2. PCBA test fixture preparation points

  • According to the test requirements and test board, after selecting the control mode, the structural design of PCBA test fixture can be carried out. You can design the load plate, pressure plate, connector module, etc., and take appropriate protection measures to avoid damage to the test board during product testing.

  • PCBA test fixtures are positioned accurately and connectors are connected smoothly. 

  • The PCBA test fixture box is perfectly laid out with ample space for wiring and installation of the control system. 

  • The optical fiber/MIC/SPK/SIM card analog slots should be reserved and accurately positioned. 

  • PCBA test fixture The ports reserved for the fixture must be in proper positions and layout.

  • PCBA test fixture The box of the fixture must be locked using a bag or press to facilitate component replacement and maintenance. PCBA test fixture's zero shift changes with the change of test conditions and fixture.  Therefore, open circuit and short circuit zero correction are necessary. FCT test fixtures have both open circuit and short circuit correction settings. 

  • PCBA test fixture can be used for maintenance when needles are broken or aging. If the test fixture is damaged and cannot be repaired or is no longer used by the customer, it needs to be rebuilt.

PCBA test fixtures are customized fixtures for a specific product to improve productivity and delivery quality.


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