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SummaryOverview of the PCBA assembly For the workers who have or will enter the manufacturing industry of PCBA assembly, learning the manufacturing process quality technology of PCBA can better solve the quality problems in the manufacturing process of PCBA assembly. SMT is a current generation of electroni...

Quick Turn PCBA Assembly Services

For the workers who have or will enter the manufacturing industry of Quick Turn PCBA Assembly Services, learning the manufacturing process quality technology of Quick Turn PCBA Assembly Services can better solve the quality problems in the manufacturing process of Quick Turn PCBA Assembly Services. SMT is a current generation of electronic PCBA assembly technology, which compacts traditional electronic components into only tens of the volume of the device, thus realizing the assembly of electronic products of high density, elevated reliability, miniaturization, low cost, and production automation period. The process for assembling PCBA assembly components onto a printed circuit board or alternative substrate is called the SMT process, and the associated Quick Turn PCBA Assembly equipment is called the SMT equipment.

PCBA assembly SMT features

1. PCBA assembly has high density, small size and light weight of electronic products. The volume and weight of patch components are only about 1/10 of that of traditional plug-in components.

2. PCBA assembly SMT has the characteristics of high reliability, strong seismic ability, low welding spot failure rate.

3. PCBA assembly SMT has elevated frequency characteristics, reduce electromagnetic and RF interference factors.

4. Easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency, reduce costs up to 30% ~ 50%, save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time and other costs.

Why use PCBA assembly SMT?

Why should PCBA assembly SMT be used? It is summarized as follows:

1. Due to the pursuit of miniaturization of electronic products, PCBA assembly perforated plug-in components used in the past can no longer be shrunk.

2. With the more complete functions of electronic products, the integrated circuits used have no perforated components, especially large-scale and highly integrated IC, so PCBA assembly SMT components have to be adopted.

3. PCBA assembly mass production and production automation. PCBA manufacturers should produce high-quality products with low cost and high output to meet customer needs and strengthen market competitiveness.

4. The development of electronic PCBA assembly components, the development of integrated circuits, semiconductor materials of multiple applications of electronic technology revolution is imperative.

PCBA assembly manufacturers process guide

The following is a brief process introduction for PCBA assembly manufacturers, from empty board loading to PCBA assembly completion and quality assurance post process overview.

  1. 1. Load the empty plate

  2. 2. Printing solder paste

  3. 3. Tin paste inspection machine

  4. 4. Fast printing machine

  5. 5. General use type punching machine

  6. 6. Hand swing parts or visual inspection

  7. 7. Back welding

  8. 8. Optical inspection solder

  9. 9. Close the board

  10. 10. Finished item inspection

  11. 11. After the parts

  12. 12. Circuit board open/short circuit test

  13. 13. Circuit board function test

  14. 14. Cut the board

FPC PCBA assembly Welding process

FPC is also known as the flexible circuit board. The FPC PCBA assembly welding process and rough PCBA assembly is highly different, because the hardness of the FPC board is not sufficient, soft, if you do not use the special carrier board, it can not complete the fixing and transmission, it can not complete printing, SMT, furnace and other basic SMT processes.

1. Pretreatment of FPC PCBA assembly

The pre-baking conditions in the pretreatment of FPC PCBA assembly are usually 80-100℃ for 4-8 hours. In special cases, the temperature can be increased to further than 125℃, but the baking time should be shortened accordingly. After baking, FPC products have obvious discoloration, deformation, warping and other adverse problems, which should be selected by IPQC before casting.

2. Made a special carrier board for FPC PCBA assembly

According to the CAD file of PCB circuit board, read the hole positioning data to manufacture the high-precision FPC positioning template and special carrier board, so that the positioning pin on the positioning template and the positioning hole aperture on the FPC matching. FPC PCBA assembly commonly used load plate materials are synthetic stone, aluminum plate, silica gel plate, special high temperature resistant magnetized steel plate and so on.

3. Production of FPC PCBA assembly

In the production process of PCBA assembly, it needs to rely on numerous machines and equipment to complete the assembly of a board. The basic equipment required for PCBA production includes solder paste printing machine, patch machine, reflow welding, AOI detector, component pin clipper, wave soldering, tin furnace, plate washing machine, ICT test fixture, FCT test fixture, aging test frame, etc. Different scale China PCBA assembly manufacturers will be equipped with different equipment.

In the process of FPC PCBA assembly welding, the precise positioning and fixation of FPC are the key points. The key to the excellent and bad fixation is to make the appropriate carrier plate, followed by the pre-baking, printing, patch and reflow welding of FPC.


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