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SummaryIntroduction to PCB Asupplier SMT China PCBA supplier provides PCB design, PCB board manufacturing, component purchasing, SMT patch, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, finished product assembly and additional one-stop PCBA processing services. Next, we would like to introduce the advantages of PCBA supp...

PCBA supplier SMT Introduction

China PCBA supplier provides PCB design, PCB board manufacturing, component purchasing, SMT patch, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, finished product assembly and additional one-stop PCBA processing services. Next, we would like to introduce the advantages of PCBA supplier SMT patch processing technology.

1. PCBA supplier SMT technology has strong reliability and high anti-vibration capability

PCBA supplier SMT chip processing uses chip element devices, which are very reliable, narrow and light, so they have strong anti-vibration ability. Automatic production is adopted, and the mounting reliability is elevated.  Nearly 90% of PCBA suppliers use SMT technology.

2. PCBA supplier's electronic products are limited in size and strong in assembly density

The PCBA supplier only has 1/10 of the volume and 10% of the weight of the traditional plug-in components, considerably reducing the area and weight. The PCBA supplier adopts the through-hole installation technology to install the components for higher assembly density.

3. PCBA supplier SMT has strong frequency characteristics and reliable performance

The PCBA supplier SMT technology uses SMC and SMD designed circuits with a maximum frequency of 3GHz, while using chip components with a maximum frequency of 500MHz to reduce transmission latency.

4. PCBA supplier SMT technology can improve productivity and realize automatic production

PCBA supplier uses automatic SMT for SMT miniature components and fine-spaced QFP components to achieve full automatic production.

5. PCBA supplier SMT technology can reduce costs and expenses

The PCBA supplier uses SMT processing technology to save the cost of materials, resources, equipment, manpower, time and other factors.

Quick turn PCBA Supplier In China

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China PCBA supplier selection method

In order to focus on product design and market development, some international electronic product developers frequently choose China PCBA supplier to seek OEM services. Nowadays, the competition in the electronic contract manufacturing industry is fierce, and some PCBA suppliers even try to obtain customers' orders at a price lower than the cost. In this way, it is easy to cut corners in material purchase and loose quality control, which reduces the quality of the products and also forms PCBA suppliers with different quality.

When choosing a suitable PCBA supplier, it can take into consideration the manufacturing capability, quality control, price, delivery cycle and corporate culture.

1. PCBA supplier's manufacturing process capability

When choosing a PCBA supplier, it must take into account the manufacturing process capacity, number of production lines, number of points per day, mounting accuracy, how little components can be mounted, what testing links, what advanced equipment and other factors.

2. Quality control of PCBA supplier

PCBA suppliers pay more and more attention to quality. The quality control ability of PCBA supplier also reflects the processing strength of PCBA supplier, which determines the quality of the final product. A decent supplier of PCBA shall have production quality standards, a professional quality team, complete testing procedures and facilities, such as ISO and IPC standards.

3. PCBA supplier's price

In the electronic manufacturing industry, PCBA supplier provides a transparent market quotation, the lower the price is not necessarily the better, and the lower the price is not necessarily the better the quality. Therefore, when choosing a PCBA supplier, a comprehensive investigation should be conducted.

4. Delivery cycle of PCBA supplier

As an electronic product developer, we must hope that the products will be delivered as early as possible. When choosing PCBA supplier, quick and timely delivery time is one of the most critical factors.

5. Corporate culture of PCBA supplier

The corporate culture of PCBA supplier is the soul of an enterprise. A true and positive corporate culture can make the whole enterprise full of vitality, enhance the cohesion of the team and reduce internal friction.

It is difficult to find the right PCBA supplier in China.  Normally, some large electronic PCBA suppliers have strong technical strength, but their prices are relatively steep, and they don't pay much attention to the service of some tiny and medium-sized customers. When looking for a PCBA supplier, you should choose the enterprise with strong relevance and find the right PCBA supplier based on the above factors.

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