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SummaryPrototype pcb fabrication process problems. When making pcbprototype, customers put forward steep requirements on the delivery time of the manufacturer, the ability to handle complex samples and the quality of the product. Then what should you pay attention to in the prototype pcb fabricat...

Prototype pcb fabrication process problems

When making pcb prototype, customers put forward steep requirements on the delivery time of the manufacturer, the ability to handle complex samples and the quality of the product.  Then what should you pay attention to in the prototype pcb fabrication process?  Let us have a look at the problems involved in prototype pcb fabrication.

A. Pay attention to the number of prototype pcb fabrication

Companies test prototype pcb fabrication prior to mass production. Prototype pcb fabrication and testing also require a certain cost. From this point of view, enterprises should pay attention to the number of samples in the process of prototype pcb fabrication.

B. The capability of device packaging in prototype pcb fabrication should be confirmed

It is a process of circuit board fabrication process to weld a chip with a specific function on the circuit board and package it with a shield. In the process of prototype pcb fabrication, it was necessary to pay great attention to whether the internal chips and electronic components were miswelded during packaging, so as to ensure the quality of pcb Prototype for further large-scale production.

C. Complete electrical inspection should be done on prototype pcb fabrication

After the pcb prototype, the manufacturer will conduct a comprehensive electrical inspection to ensure that every function and detail of the PCB board are checked. This is the significance of the pcb prototype. It is also the guarantee for putting prototype pcb fabrication into mass production on a large scale and ensuring a particularly low defect rate in the future.

Broadly speaking, in the process of prototype pcb fabrication, we should pay attention to the above mentioned problems. As a professional manufacturer, thorough investigation and testing of the above problems are the basis for ensuring the quality of prototype pcb fabrication and transforming it into subsequent mass production. Therefore, we must take the pcb prototype seriously.

Prototype pcb fabrication price factor

Prototype PCB fabrication is intended to produce a small number of PCB prototypes for function debugging before mass production. After the function debugging is completed, subsequent batch production can be conducted. This method can avoid production risks and reduce the loss caused by product errors. Factors affecting the price of prototype PCB fabrication include:

1. Urgent delivery ‍

In order to achieve better batch production, customers usually choose to prototype PCB fabrication in advance. However, due to the urgent delivery time, urgent processing was required, which resulted in expedited costs at this time. PCB manufacturers charge different fees according to different rush times.

2. Number of layers
Another special factor in the price of prototype PCB fabrication is the number of layers. There is still a big difference in the price between single and double layers. Multi-layer board with special technology is typically expensive, whereas simple single and double layers can be purchased for hundreds of yuan. 

3. Examination fee
In prototype PCB fabrication, flying needles were generally used in the test, so certain flying needle test fees were incurred, which were charged according to the number of hole points. Generally speaking, there is no fixed price for prototype PCB fabrication. The quotation was based on the production materials provided by customers.

Multilayer Prototype PCB Fabrication Methods

In daily life, it is often necessary to use a variety of electronic and mechanical equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, cars, etc. The key components of these products are PCB circuit boards. With the development of science and technology, single and dual panels have evolved into multi-layer boards. So, what are the main methods of multi-layer prototype PCB fabrication?

1. The addition method can be used for multi-layer prototype PCB fabrication. The method involves a combination of UV light and photoresist, exposing the required areas, then thickening the circuit with electroplating, covering it with corrosion resistance or thin metal tin, coating it with photoresist, and etching away the layer of copper foil underneath.

2. Subtraction can be used for prototype PCB fabrication of multiple layers. This method mainly uses chemicals to remove unwanted areas from blank circuit boards. Prototype PCB fabrication is mainly done by screen printing or photographic plate engraving to remove unnecessary parts.

3. Layered prototype PCB fabrication can be used. This method is very commonly used in prototype PCB fabrication and is also the main method in multi-layer prototype PCB fabrication. It is through the processing process from the inner layer to the outer layer, and then adopts subtraction or addition, and constantly repeats the layering process, that multi-layer prototype PCB fabrication is realized. 


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