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Quick turn pcb fab USA management

Quick turn pcb fab USA management seems to have a lot of clues and complicated opinions, but there are mainly three things: management, management and process. Quick turn pcb fab USA managers can ensure the high efficiency and safe operation of quick turn pcb fab through the comprehensive application of management technology, achieve the above goals, and do a good job in management, management and process three things, which play a decisive role in the achievement of the above goals.

1. Quick turn pcb fab USA in charge

Quick turn pcb fab USA undertakes the function of delivering products to customers. To do things properly in quick turn pcb fab is to timely deliver excellent products to customers, which is the basic link for enterprises to achieve business objectives and strategic objectives.

2. Quick turn pcb fab USA's pipe man

All things are done by people, to do things correctly, to do everything to achieve the expected ideal results, we must manage the work of people.

3. Quick turn pcb fab USA pipe flow

The scientific and reasonable production process and management process have the greatest influence on the efficiency of quick turn pcb fab USA. Quick turn pcb fab USA management expert, can have a keen insight into the problems in the process of running, keen to capture the bottleneck in the process of operation, and has a way to regularly solve these bottlenecks, continuous optimization of the production process and management process.

Quick turn pcb fab copper application operation

Quick turn pcb fab altium software for rapid copper application, the specific operation is as follows:

1. In quick turn pcb fab Altium software fast copper. First of all, you can set a bit bigger grab grid point here set to 10mil, convenient designers in the copper can quickly grab the starting point after the copper to form closed copper.

2. In quick turn pcb fab Altium software, set the copper laying icon position and shortcut key to F4. Hold down ctrl+ click the copper laying icon to set the copper laying shortcut key.

3. Quick turn pcb fab Altium software can click the copper paving icon or the shortcut key set by oneself.

If there are too numerous elements in the quick turn pcb fab Altium software to select the pad, do the reverse. Select the pad first and then select the copper skin. The holes of the same network can also be used.

Quick turn pcb fab batch trial production situation

In the processing and production of PCB board in the electronics industry, it is common for quick turn pcb fab to meet urgent orders, and one of the advantages of the trial production process of PCB board is to improve the production and processing speed. Whether it is outsourced production and processing of PCB board, or quick turn pcb fab's own production department completes trial production first and then mass production, it is equivalent to making the finished product in advance, checking the gaps and making up the final modification into qualified product, and quick turn pcb fab will be used for mass processing and production. Its efficiency will naturally increase a lot.

The second advantage of quick turn pcb fab for PCB board processing and trial production is to reduce the cost. No matter whether the order is expedited or not, as long as the trial production of PCB board is conducted first, the subsequent production and processing can be more smooth. It can effectively eliminate the quick turn of pcb fab waste of human resources and material resources.

The third advantage of quick turn pcb fab is to improve the quality assurance of PCB processing.

Quick turn pcb fab rigid production materials

What kind of rigid information is required for PCB board processing? In fact, as the network promotion of quick turn pcb fab, it is the most critical to find customers matching our quick turn PCB fab.

The Huihe circuit adopts ISO9001, IATF16949 and ISO13485 quality system and lead-free environmental protection process. Although it is not the leader in the industry, it is a tiny scale compared with the general quick turn PCB fab, and the system is relatively perfect. It has no problem meeting the customer's certification.

The Gerber file of rigid production data of quick turn PCB fab includes Pad layer, solder resistance layer, screen printing layer and steel mesh layer, which is extremely authoritative data in patch processing, because the subsequent PCBA quotation and processing fee quotation all need Gerber data for reference.

Adjust the screen printing skills of quick turn PCB Fab products

During the Quick turn of PCB Fab production, the silkscreen position number on the PCB board can be displayed or hidden, but the output of the assembly drawing is not affected. Press the shortcut key "L", press the close button of all layers, that is, close all layers, and then check separately to open only the screen printing layer and the corresponding solder resistance layer, you can adjust the screen printing. The following is the Quick turn PCB Fab screen printing position adjustment technique.

1. Quick turn PCB Fab product silkscreen position number is not on the solder resistance, after placing the silkscreen production missing.

2. Quick turn PCB Fab silk screen position number is clear, the recommended width/height size is 4/25mil, 5/30mil, 6/45mil.

3. Keep the uniformity of product direction of quick turn PCB Fab.

4. For some silk-screen marks under the mercy, 2D auxiliary lines or squares can be placed to mark them for easy reading.