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SummaryHigh quality Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers1. The quality should be good, the PCBcan not be badThe terminal products of Quick turn PCB manufacturers are usually in the application fields of automotive electronics, instrumentation, medical equipment, etc., which have high requirements on the qual...

China Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

1. The quality should be good, the PCB can not be bad

The terminal products of Quick turn PCB manufacturers are usually in the application fields of automotive electronics, instrumentation, medical equipment, etc., which have high requirements on the quality of circuit boards. The quality of ordinary boards is not good enough, and PCB problems are too common. Kingboard board is the "golden board" of circuit boards, and Huihe PCB is a quick turn PCB manufacturers. The KB-6164 currently provided is a Tg140 cost-effective material that can adapt to lead-free soldering. It has good heat resistance and CTE And CAF performance, it also has a wider lamination processing window, which can improve the alignment accuracy and thickness uniformity in the lamination of multi-layer boards, and it is a board with high cost performance.

2. Can make multi-layer PCBs and special PCBs

The process technology determines the upper limit of quick turn PCB manufacturers. Compared with the general consumer electronics industry, high-end enterprises have higher demand for circuit board customization. Huihe PCB is a professional Quick turn PCB manufacturers/volume manufacturer, focusing on the production and manufacture of precision multilayer PCBs and special boards. Huihe PCB's special process customization service just meets the customer's requirements.

3. Delivery should be fast, delivery should be on time

Huihe PCB is a quick turn PCB manufacturers, with a large number of automated equipment and a complete production process, the background orders are all supervised by its own factory, and the production progress can be tracked throughout the process.

Notes for Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

Usually customers will produce small samples for testing before mass production of PCBs. Now there are many professional quick turn PCB manufacturers, and customers can choose suitable quick turn PCB manufacturers for cooperation according to their own product needs. So, do you know what things need to be paid attention to during the rapid PCB process of PCB board?

1. PCB prototype quantity

For enterprises with relatively large demand, a batch of PCB prototypes for testing also occupy the cost of quick turn PCB manufacturers, especially for enterprises with many types and large quantities, the cost of making PCB prototypes and testing is also relatively high Yes, quick turn PCB manufacturers pay attention to the number of PCB prototyping can also reduce some production costs.

2. Confirm the device package

Chips that have a specific role in PCB board welding are packaged with a shield, which is a process in the PCB board manufacturing process. During the rapid prototype process of PCB boards, quick turn PCB manufacturers should pay attention to whether the internal chips and electronic components are wrongly soldered during packaging to ensure the quality of PCB prototypes, so that normal detection functions and subsequent PCB volume production can be performed.

3. Do a comprehensive electrical inspection

Quick turn PCB manufacturers will conduct a comprehensive electrical inspection on the prototype after completing the quick prototyping of the PCB board to ensure that every function and every detail of the circuit board meets the expected effect. Quick turn PCB manufacturers ensure that there are no or very few defect rates in subsequent volume production.

How to Choose Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

PCB fast board prototyping refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before volume boards. After the engineers complete the design, they send the PCB files to quick turn PCB manufacturers for processing into PCB boards. The update iteration of electronic products is relatively fast, the demand for pcb prototypes is gradually increasing, and the market share is also expanding. As electronic products have higher and higher requirements for technology, and information becomes more and more high-speed, quick turn PCB manufacturers become more and more important.

First, look at the quality.

It depends on whether the copper thickness of the quick turn PCB manufacturers meets the standard, whether the edges of the circuit are flat, whether the surface of the board is smooth and tidy, whether the adhesion of the copper foil is good enough, etc. These are important factors to evaluate the quality of the quick turn PCB manufacturers. Quick turn PCB manufacturers are worth choosing only if the product quality is guaranteed.

Second, look at the delivery time.

Nowadays, many customers have the demand for rush PCB, which puts forward higher requirements for the production efficiency of quick turn PCB manufacturers. Only when the production efficiency reaches the standard can we provide expedited services for various products on the basis of ensuring punctual delivery.

Third, look at the service.

The service level mainly depends on the review speed of quick turn PCB manufacturers for orders, the response to customer needs and the speed of solving customer problems. If quick turn PCB manufacturers have a good service attitude and have a large number of orders, it means that the service quality of quick turn PCB manufacturers is guaranteed.

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers Charges

Buyers are always confused about the PCB charging rules and requirements. What materials need to be provided to quick turn PCB manufacturers? What are the charging rules and requirements of quick turn PCB manufacturers? First of all, it depends on what kind of board is used. The board has FR4 and high TG board, there are brands such as Shengyi. Different boards have different prices. Looking at the design drawings, the smaller the line width and line spacing, the more holes, and the more precise, the higher the cost.

In addition, it depends on the surface treatment. Immersion gold and gold plating are more expensive than tin plating and OSP. Quantity and delivery date also affect the price of PCB proofing, PCB boards that need to be expedited are more expensive than PCB boards with normal delivery time.

What documents do I need to provide for PCB prototyping? Quotation information is required for quick turn PCB manufacturers. Drawings usually provide GERBER files, with clear process requirements and quantities, and whether it needs to be done urgently. Quick turn PCB manufacturers can follow up the quotation. After the price is negotiated, quick turn PCB manufacturers will place an order, and the material will be cut to start production. The PCB prototype step is to first determine the drawings and process requirements; then the order and production process engineering is produced according to the materials and the PCB processing production process; finally, the shipment and delivery.

Professional Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

Huihe PCB is a professional quick turn PCB manufacturer. It has introduced a full set of printed circuit board production and testing equipment, trained a group of experienced employees and a high-quality management team, and established a complete quality assurance system to provide customers with performance More stable, higher quality products and more satisfactory services. We continue to grow and improve in the fierce market competition.

Huihe is one of the quick turn PCB manufacturers ,mainly manufacture high-precision multilayer circuit boards, microwave high-frequency boards (rogers high-frequency boards, taconic, Arlon, high-frequency high-speed boards), flexible rigid boards, etc. We have rich experience in the production of thick copper circuit boards, high frequency mixed lamination boards, high TG circuit boards, impedance control boards, and half-hole boards. Quick turn PCB manufacturers products are widely used in communication, digital, power supply, computer, industrial control, automobile, medical, aerospace, optoelectronics, instruments, meters, military and other fields. Customers are located in Asia, Europe, South America and North America.


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