Quick Turn PCB USA

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Quick turn PCB USA manufacturing

For the tested circuit, the circuit experiment is completed through rapid board making. The following is the specific process from the production of quick turn PCB USA to the completion of welding test:

  1. 1. Quick turn PCB USA draws PCB board diagram.

  2. 2. Set to print only TOP LAYER and visa layers.

  3. 3. Print on heat transfer paper with a laser printer.

  4. 4. The thinnest wire path of this PCB is set as 10mil.

  5. 5. One minute quick turn PCB USA board making time starts from the black-and-white diagram of the electronic circuit printed by the laser printer on the heat transfer paper.

  6. 6. In the manufacturing process of quick turn PCB USA, the copper clad plate will be placed in the oscillating corrosion tank, and the mixed corrosion solution of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide will be used to remove the excess copper layer in only 15 seconds.

  7. 7. In the manufacturing of quick turn PCB USA, acetone is used again to wipe off the black toner, and an experimental PCB board is completed.

  8. 8. Quick turn PCB USA applies flux on the surface of the circuit board

  9. 9. Quick turn PCB USA production uses a wide blade soldering iron to tin the circuit board for easy soldering.

  10. 10. Remove the flux in the manufacturing of quick turn PCB USA, and apply the soldering flux to the surface mounted devices to complete the welding of devices

  11. 11. Soldering devices is easier due to pre-coated solder

  12. 12. After manufacturing and welding of quick turn PCB USA, wash the circuit board with board washing water.

  13. 13. Short wiring is completed by zero ohm resistance of 0603, 0805, 1206

  14. 14. Ten minutes later, a quick turn PCB USA can make a circuit board for experiment.

  15. 15. Complete the circuit debugging.

Quick turn PCB USA production method

The following is mainly to introduce the quick turn PCB USA production method.

1. Quick turn PCB USA engraving method

The engraving method of quick turn PCB USA is to copy the designed copper foil figure onto the copper foil surface of the copper-covered plate with carbon paper, and use the special engraving tool of hacksaw blade grinding to directly carve along the edge of the copper foil figure on the copper-covered plate.

2. Quick turn PCB USA manual depiction method

The manual drawing method of quick turn PCB USA is to draw the printed figure directly on the copper-coated plate with a pen, and then carry out chemical etching and other steps.

3. Quick turn PCB USA mapping method

The mapping method of quick turn PCB USA is to use Protel or PADS and other design software to draw the printed board diagram, output to the self-adhesive paper with the needle printer, paste the self-adhesive paper on the copper-coated plate that has been cleaned. It saves a lot of effort than the engraving method, and can ensure the beauty and accuracy of the printed wire!

4. Quick turn PCB USA mimeographing method

The mimeographing method of quick turn PCB USA is to put the wax paper on the steel plate, carve the circuit diagram 1:1 on the wax paper with a pen, and cut the circuit diagram engraved on the wax paper according to the size of the circuit board, and put the cut wax paper on the printed copper plate.

5. The use of pre-coated photosensitive copper plate

Quick turn PCB USA uses a special copper coated plate, the surface of the copper platinum layer is pre-coated with a layer of sensitive material, so it is called pre-coated sensitive copper plate, also known as sensitive plate.

Multi-layer quick turn PCB USA production

The production method of multi-layer quick turn PCB USA is typically the inner layer graphic is done first, and then the printing etching method is made into a single or double sided substrate, and is included in the specified layer, and then heated, pressurized and bonded, as for the drilling and double panel plating through the hole method is the same. However, as materials and multilayer quick turn PCB USA process technology become more mature, the characteristics of the attached multilayer boards become more diverse. The advantages of multi-layer quick turn PCB USA production are high assembly density, modest volume and light quality. Due to elevated assembly density, the connection between components is reduced and the reliability is improved. Can increase the number of wiring layers, thus increasing the multi-layer quick turn PCB USA design flexibility, can form a certain impedance circuit, can form a high-speed transmission circuit;  the shielding layer of circuit and magnetic circuit can be set, and the heat dissipation layer of metal core can be set to meet the special functions of shielding and heat dissipation.

Quick turn PCB USA's tri-proof paint

Three anti-paint PCB has moisture-proof, anti-salt spray, anti-static and additional three anti-effect, quick turn PCB USA three anti-paint mainly refers to moisture-proof, anti-salt spray and anti-mildew types, but also has cold and hot impact resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, ozone corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, excellent flexibility, strong adhesion and other properties. quick turn PCB USA's three anti-corrosion paint is also called PCB electronic circuit board protective oil, coating oil, moisture-proof paint, three anti-corrosion paint, waterproof glue, insulating paint, anti-corrosion paint, anti-salt spray paint, dust-proof paint, protective paint, coating paint, three anti-corrosion glue, etc.

Quick turn PCB USA's Tri-resistant paint is a specially formulated paint designed to protect circuit boards and their associated equipment from environmental erosion, thereby enhancing and extending their service life and ensuring safety and reliability in use. quick turn PCB USA's three anti-corrosion paint on the circuit board the most serious, the most common is moisture. It will considerably reduce the insulation resistance between the conductors, accelerate the high-speed decomposition and corrosion of the conductor.