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The effect of Rogers PCB fabrication on impedance

The technological revolution and industrial structure changes in the world electronics industry have brought new opportunities and challenges for the development of Rogers PCB fabrication. Rogers PCB fabrication has been developed in the direction of miniaturization, digitalization, high frequency and multi-function of electronic equipment. The circuit performance of Rogers PCB fabrication must be able to ensure that no reflection occurs during signal transmission, that signals remain intact and that transmission losses are reduced to match impedance. In this way, complete, reliable and accurate transmission signals without interference can be obtained. Below is the effect of Rogers PCB fabrication on impedance.

1. Surface microstrip lines and characteristic impedance of Rogers PCB fabrication.

Rogers PCB fabrication has a high surface microstrip line and characteristic impedance and is widely used in practice. Its outer layer is a signal line surface that controls impedance and a separation of insulation materials.

2. Dielectric constant of Rogers PCB fabrication materials and its influence.

The dielectric constant of Rogers PCB fabrication material was determined by the material manufacturer measured at a frequency of 1Mhz. The same material produced by different Rogers PCB fabrication manufacturers was different due to different resin content.

3. Rogers PCB fabrication of the influence of wire width and thickness.

Rogers PCB fabrication of wire width is one of the main parameters affecting characteristic impedance variation. The width of Rogers PCB fabrication wires was determined by the designer based on a variety of design requirements to meet the requirements of carrying capacity and temperature rise of the wires as well as the desired impedance value. Rogers PCB fabrication of wire thickness is also determined based on the required carrying capacity of the conductor and the allowable temperature rise.

4. The influence of media thickness H in Rogers PCB fabrication.

Rogers PCB fabrication of medium thickness is another major factor affecting characteristic resistance. Because Rogers PCB fabrication of the wire width and dielectric constant of the material is determined prior to production, the wire thickness process requirement can also be used as a fixed value. Controlling rogers PCB fabrication of laminate thickness (dielectric thickness) is the primary means of controlling characteristic impedance in production.

In the actual production of Rogers PCB fabrication, slight changes in wire width, thickness, dielectric constant of insulation material and thickness of insulating medium would lead to changes in the characteristic impedance value. In addition, the characteristic impedance value is also related to other production factors. Therefore, in order to control the characteristic impedance, Rogers PCB fabrication producers must understand the factors that affect the change of characteristic impedance values and master the actual production conditions.

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What is Rogers PCB

Rogers PCB is a type of high-frequency board that raw material is produced by Rogers company. It is different from the conventional PCB board epoxy resin (FR4). It has no glass fiber in the middle and uses a ceramic base as the high-frequency material. Rogers has superior dielectric constant and temperature stability.

Why use Rogers PCB board?

Rogers PCB boards are cost-effective, low signal loss, low electrical noise, high performance, and can meet the needs of high frequency PCB and RF PCB. Rogers PCB boards are cost-effective compared to many of the alternatives available.