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Rogers PCB is a high-frequency board, and the raw materials of Rogers PCB are produced by Rogers. Rogers PCB is different from traditional FR4 PCB board, Rogers PCB uses ceramic base as high frequency material. Rogers PCB has superior dielectric constant and temperature pcb products include rogers 4003 pcb, rogers 4350 pcb, rogers 4350b pcb, rogers 5880 pcb, rogers ceramic pcb, mixed fr-4 + rogers pcb, rogers fr4 pcb, ro4003c rogers pcb, rogers 3000 pcb, rogers 3003 pcb, rogers 5g pcb etc.

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Huihe PCB is a professional Rogers PCB manufacturer in China, with many years of experience in mass production of Rogers PCB. We provide rogers pcb board, rogers pcb material, rogers pcb prototype, rogers pcb fabrication, etc. Looking for Chinese rogers pcb suppliers, Confluence is your best rogers pcb manufacturer partner.

what is rogers pcb material characteristics

Rogers PCB material is a hard and dense material, Rogers PCB material also has excellent dielectric integrity, high accuracy of Rogers PCB material thickness, Rogers PCB has excellent electrical and thermal stability.

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  • Rogers 4350b PCB Board

    Rogers PCBRogers 4350b PCB Board

    Rogers PCB Board RO4350b Introduction Rogers PCB board RO4350b is a patented braided glass cloth reinforced hydrocarbon resin system, ceramic filler material. Rogers PCB board RO4350b electrical properties are very close to PTFE, braided glass cloth material Rogers PCB board RO4350b mentality is simi...

    2023-01-04Rogers PCB

  • Rogers PCB Fabrication In China

    Rogers PCBRogers PCB Fabrication In China

    Best Rogers PCB Fabrication In ChinaHuihe PCB is a Best Rogers PCB Fabrication In China. We manufacture different Rogers PCBs to meet customers' requirements. With more than 15 years of experience in the Rogers PCB industry, we are the best Rogers PCB Fabrication in Asia. We are trusted by some...

    2022-11-28Rogers PCB

  • Rogers PCB Manufacturer introduction

    Rogers PCBRogers PCB Manufacturer introduction

    How do I choose a Rogers PCB manufacturer? Rogers PCB are increasingly widely used in the medical device industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, etc. According to the complexity of various types of electronic products, some electronic products will install multi-layer circuit boards, usi...

    2022-11-23Rogers PCB

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