Shenzhen PCB Assembly

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Shenzhen PCB assembly quality control

Every link in the production process of PCB assembly will affect the quality of PCBA products. How can we effectively improve the quality of PCBA products?

1.  Shenzhen PCB assembly SMT processing

Shenzhen PCB assembly's key points of quality control for SMT patch processing are solder paste printing and reflow temperature curve control. In order to meet the product quality requirements, we need to open laser steel mesh or even nano steel mesh according to actual conditions. The temperature curve control of reflow welding directly affects the welding quality of PCBA patch processing, especially the BGA encapsulated components have higher requirements for reflow welding temperature. Performing AOI inspection strictly in accordance with the production requirements during and after the production of SMT processing of Shenzhen PCB assembly can also effectively reduce the probability of various bad processing phenomena.

2.  Shenzhen PCB assembly DIP plug-in post welding

Shenzhen PCB assembly DIP plug-in post welding is also an vital part of PCBA processing. Although patch components are developing rapidly, there are still various components that use DIP plug-in post welding for more stable processing.  Shenzhen PCB assembly DIP plug-in commonly has two methods: wave soldering and hand welding. In the process of wave soldering, the requirements for over furnace fixtures are elevated. Qualified over furnace fixtures can effectively improve the production efficiency and reduce the defect rate.

3.  Shenzhen PCB assembly test and program firing

Before the PCB is processed, you can set up some key test points on the PCB board for the test of PCB welding and the subsequent key test of circuit connectivity after processing in Shenzhen PCB assembly. After completion of the production and processing to the PCBA process via the burning fire to the core control IC, the integrity of the whole PCBA can be tested and inspected directly and concisely through functional testing, and defective products can be found in time.

4.  Shenzhen PCB assembly manufacturing test

Shenzhen PCB assembly manufacturing tests usually include ICT (circuit test), FCT (functional test), burn test (aging test), temperature and humidity test, drop test, etc.

The development of Shenzhen PCB assembly factory

Shenzhen PCB assembly factory is a form of supply chain management, quality management and production management to provide services to customers. Shenzhen PCB assembly factory As Shenzhen PCB assembly factory, we are responsible for providing full process services including circuit board production, raw material purchase, processing, testing, assembly, etc., to save customers' time, cycle, inventory and additional costs. With the progress of The Times, the service field of Shenzhen PCB assembly factory, where workers and materials are contracted, has also emerged a different trend.

1. Shenzhen PCB assembly factory has the ability to analyze and solve design problems.

The upgrading speed of electronic products is getting faster and faster, and the life cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter. At this time, Shenzhen PCB assembly factory has to deal with the problem of R&D design in the production process. For example, the parameter selection of some components is improper, PCB circuit design defects. Faced with such a situation, Shenzhen PCB assembly factory must make preparations in terms of production process and technical service capacity.

2. Shenzhen PCB assembly factory, which contracts labor and materials, gradually changes its control over components from model control to function control.

With the development of Shenzhen PCB assembly factory, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of substituting materials. However, a more novel approach is to replace some features with newer versions to achieve a jump in functionality and product quality. To realize the improvement of component control from model parameters to functional objectives. Create value for customers!

3. Shenzhen PCB assembly factory provides upgrading solutions from simple outsourcing.

Shenzhen PCB assembly factory has been producing and testing products for a long time, and has a comprehensive grasp of the electrical performance of the entire equipment. If it is not a major shift, but only for the sake of volume, power consumption, stability, user experience and cost, it is possible to upgrade products through PCB assembly factory.

Shenzhen PCB assembly company manufacturing cost factor

Shenzhen PCB assembly company's manufacturing cost factors have various aspects. First of all, the core components are pcb materials, smt processing costs, and component costs. In addition to these, there are a series of aspects that will directly affect the cost of Shenzhen PCB assembly company, such as testing, labor, assembly, design, smt placement process optimization and other factors. The following are some factors affecting the cost of Shenzhen PCB assembly company: