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What is single layer PCB?

A single layer PCB is sometimes called a single sided PCB. In general, a single layer PCB has components on one side of the board and copper traces on the other side. A single layer PCB consists of a base layer, an electrical metal layer, Protective solder mask and silk screen composition. Single-layer PCB is the most basic type of PCB.

Advantages and disadvantages of single layer PCB

The cost of single layer PCB is lower, the design and production of single layer PCB are simpler, and the delivery time of single layer PCB board is shorter; for complex projects, especially when the number of components is large, if the size requirements are small, single layer PCB Just can't handle the lower, higher running capacity size with the larger weight.

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  • Altium Single Layer PCB

    altium single layer pcbAltium Single Layer PCB

    The general aluminum PCB is altium single layer PCB, which is a kind of PCB board. Altium single layer PCB has good thermal conductivity and is used in the LED industry. At present, the most commonly used LED altium single layer PCB has two sides, the white side is for soldering the LED pins,...

    2023-01-04altium single layer pcb

  • Eagle Single Layer PCB Manufacturing

    eagle single layer pcbEagle Single Layer PCB Manufacturing

    Eagle Single Layer PCB is usually made of phenolic paper-based single-sided copper clad laminate. It is a relatively simple Eagle single layer PCB with copper clad on one side and no copper clad on the other side. Eagle single layer PCB can only be wired on the copper clad side. Due to the simple im...

    2023-01-03eagle single layer pcb

  • What is single layer PCB?

    single layer pcbWhat is single layer PCB?

    Before designing a PCB, it is necessary to determine whether to use a single layer PCB or a multilayer PCB. Both design types are common. So which type is right for your project? Where is the difference? As the name suggests, a single layer PCB has only one layer of base material, also known as a substrate, while a multilayer PCB has multiple layers....

    2023-01-03single layer pcb

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