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SummaryHuihe PCB is a professional Single Sided PCB Manufacturer In China, Many years of Single Sided PCB Mass Production experience of Single Sided PCB, Support Single Sided PCB Prototype and Single Sided PCB Production....

Single Sided PCB Manufacturer

Huihe PCB is a Professional Single Sided PCB Manufacturer In China, Many years of Single Sided PCB Mass Production experience of Single Sided PCB, Support Single Sided PCB Prototype and Single Sided PCB Production. Huihe PCB is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and R&D of various single sided PCB. The single sided PCB, single sided pcb, single sided pcb manufacturer, single sided pcb board, single sided pcb manufacturing, single sided pcb price, cheap single sided pcb, china single sided pcb, produced with comparable advanced foreign products. Product specifications apply to electronic watches, calculators, general-purpose computers, as large as computers, electronic communication equipment, and military weapon systems. Huihe PCB is a Single Sided PCB manufacturer in Asia. We manufacture different Single Sided PCBs to meet customers' requirements. With more than 15 years of experience in the PCB industry, we are the best Single Sided PCB manufacturer in Asia. We are trusted by some of the biggest names in the world and we can meet your Single Sided PCB needs. If you are looking for a manufacturer who can provide you with high quality Single Sided PCB, we can help you. Contact us today for a single-sided PCB quote. We're here for your single-sided PCB needs and want to help you as much as possible.

what is single sided pcb?

1. Single sided PCB history

In 1953 ~ 1955, Japan used imported copper foil to make paper phenolic copper foil substrate for the first time, and it was widely used in radio. In 1956, after the emergence of professional circuit board manufacturers in Japan, the manufacturing technology of Single sided PCB began to develop rapidly. In terms of materials, paper phenolic copper foil substrate was used in the early days. However, due to the low electrical insulation, poor welding heat resistance, distortion and other factors of phenolic material, paper ring resin, glass fiber epoxy resin and alternative materials were developed successively. At present, single sided PCB required by consumer electronic machines is essentially made of paper phenolic substrate board.

A Single Sided PCB is the most basic type of printed circuit board, consisting only of a conductive copper layer above the substrate. The electrical components are soldered on one side of the board and the entire etched circuit is on the remaining side. Single Sided PCBs are easy to design and manufacture and are also the most cost effective PCBS. Because a Single Sided PCB has only one conductive layer, conductive paths cannot cross or overlap and tend to take up a lot of space.  Then Single Sided PCB is highly suitable for low density design requirements.

2. Single Sided PCB characteristics

A Single Sided PCB is the simplest type of circuit board, with parts concentrated on one side and wires concentrated on the other. Because wires only appear on one side, we call them Single Sided PCBS. Single Sided PCBS had a number of strict restrictions on the design line, and early circuits used Single Sided PCBS.

Single Sided PCB wiring is dominated by network printing, in which copper is printed with a resistance, etched to prevent solder resistance marks, and punched to complete the pilot hole and shape of parts.

Improvement of Single Sided PCB copper break

From the production process analysis, Single Sided PCB adopts screen printing line graphics, is the printing stage garbage adhesion to the line graphics, resulting in the garbage ink not dry or etched by liquid washed away, resulting in all or part of the copper surface without ink coverage, the formation of complete and partial break. In order to solve the problem of Single Sided PCB copper failure, Huihe circuit has been trying to improve the raw materials, production process and inspection equipment. The specific points are as follows :

1. Single Sided PCB incoming copper cladding plate with poor copper surface: Receive goods in strict accordance with IPC standards, and return raw materials with copper foil concave points and plate edge burrs to the supplier for improvement.

2. In order to solve the hidden danger of Single Sided PCB side hiding board pellets after opening, automatic edge planer is purchased to do grinding on the board edge to reduce the impact of Single Sided PCB board pellet waste on line quality from the source of substrate opening. In the production of Single Sided PCB front polishing board and receiving board, it is found that there is no planing edge treatment, which is returned to the opening material selection and rework and then handed over to the next process production.

3. In the printing process of Single Sided PCB circuit, in order to prevent the circuit defects caused by board debris and foreign matter, continue to implement the sticky dust roller to wash the board surface.

4. In order to improve the testing efficiency of Single Sided PCB, improve the quality control level of Single Sided PCB, and reduce factors such as artificial uncontrollably, which can easily lead to the flow of defective products, Huihe circuit purchases more and more automatic testing all-in-one machine year by year, and replaces the manual testing machine.

Single Sided PCB advantages and disadvantages

1. Advantages of Single Sided PCB

Single Sided PCB requires inferior raw materials, lower price, less manufacturing process, shorter overall production time, simpler wiring design and structure, and therefore does not require extensive professional experience. Because of the simple process of Single Sided PCB, for large volume orders of Single Sided PCB, the larger the order quantity, the better the price.

2. Single Sided PCB disadvantages

On the other hand, the contrast between Single Sided PCBS and double-layer or multilayer boards of the same size is constantly limited in its development.Single Sided PCB is limited in product areas because it cannot accommodate the need to install a large number of components and route more wires, and because carrying too many components can cause slow connections and power loss.

Overall, the use of Single Sided PCBS is decreasing as manufacturers demand additional technology for their products, but remains one of the best solutions for speed and low cost customers.

Single Sided PCB manufacturing process

Single Sided PCB manufacturing process: blanking - printing - etching - welding proof - cutting - punch molding - V_CUT - washing - electrical testing - surface treatment - quality inspection - storage

The Single Sided PCB manufacturing process is typically sided by cutting a large sheet of bare copper plate into a narrow sheet of substrate, printing machine with line ink printing pattern, etching machine to etch the exposed copper foil, leaving the line covered by printing ink, then remove the ink and surface treatment of the deinked substrate surface.  The surface of the line is covered with anti-soldering ink so as not to cause copper surface oxidation and prevent the future Single Sided PCB plug parts through the tin furnace (wave soldering) on the line and the formation of short circuit. In order to facilitate subsequent punch operation, the substrate must be cut to a smaller area and the positioning holes drilled before being machined to "delivery size" by the punch and out of the jacks simultaneously. If Single Sided PCB finished products are particularly limited in size, the "size on delivery" of punch molding will include multiple products to improve the efficiency of future plugins, and then V-cut lines will be cut to the final size after passing through the tin furnace (wave soldering), because cutting will occur during V-cut cutting. Therefore, before the electrical test, the first water is washed, and then the qualified products will be treated with the surface of the gasket (welding ring), one is to prevent oxidation, the other is to add flux to assist the tin furnace (wave soldering) when eating fixed parts, and finally the appearance of the full inspection after storage.

Factors affecting the price of single sided pcb

With the development of The Times, there are more and more electronic products. As the "mother of electronic products", pcb circuit board is widely used in communication, consumer electronics, computer, automotive electronics, industrial control, as well as national defense, aerospace and other fields. Due to great demand, there are also Single Sided PCB manufacturers. Prices are also different, so what are the factors that affect the price of a single sided pcb? Some of the factors affecting the price of Single Sided PCB are :

1. Surface treatment of single sided pcb

Common ones are: lead spray tin, lead-free spray tin (environmental protection), gold plating, ENIG, OSP, and some combination of processes, etc. The differences in each of the above processes have a great impact on the price, such as the gold sinking process is considerably more costly than lead spray tin.

2. Copper foil thickness of single sided pcb

Common copper foil thickness: Hoz, 1oZ, 2oZ, 3oZ, 4oZ and extra copper foil thickness, the more costly, because the thicker the copper, the more materials consumed, the higher the price.

3. Single Sided PCB circuit

Depending on the circuit on the PCB board, if the wire density is less than 4/4mm, the price is added.


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Single Sided PCB Description

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What is single sided PCB?

A single sided PCB is a type of PCB in which only one side of the PCB has a circuit. Single sided PCB is copper coated plate after etching processing, single sided PCB can provide fixed and assembled mechanical support for electronic components, single sided PCB printed component number and some graphics, which provides convenience for component installation, inspection and maintenance.

Applications of single sided PCB

Electronic equipment is inseparable from single sided PCB boards. The single sided PCBs price is low, and single sided PCB manufacturing is relatively easy, ranging from electronic watches, calculators, general-purpose computers to large computers, communication electronic equipment, and military weapon systems. There are electronic components such as integrated circuits, and the electrical interconnection between them requires a single sided PCB.

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