Small Batch PCB Assembly

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What is Small Batch PCB Assembly Service

Small Batch PCB Assembly Service

Small batch PCB assembly, also known as Low volume PCB assembly, small batch PCB assembly refers to the assembly of printed circuit boards in small batches but greater than 100pcs, and DFM inspection and DFT inspection are performed. Huihe PCB provides fast turnkey PCB assembly services for small batch PCBs, in which we take care of the entire PCB assembly from component sourcing, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly. Huihe PCB is equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that can handle the toughest circuit board assembly jobs with the expected quality for both small and high-volume runs.

China Small batch PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Small Batch PCB Assembly Services In China

Possessing the latest machines and technology, we are able to deliver high quality Small Batch PCB Assembly products to all our clients in the shortest time interval. Huihe PCB is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been providing services since 2004. We have IPC trained staff and triple process inspection to achieve high quality measures for small batch PCBA assembly. Huihe PCB a leading China printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly manufacturer that offers you the facility of small batch PCB Assembly service, quick turn PCB prototypes, low volume PCB fabrication, and turnkey PCB assembly service that meets your custom requirements. Our advanced PCB manufacturing and assembly facilities in Shenzhen, China, are fully equipped with a perfect quality management system to provide you with high-quality and competitive-price PCB fabrication and assembly services. In addition, we also offer partial turn-key and consignment PCB assembly services with quick turnaround times. 

OEM Small Batch PCB Assembly Manufacturers

Huihe PCB as a OEM Small Batch PCB Assembly Manufacturers in china, we provide Small Batch PCB Assembly Solutions and small batch production services In China. You can get full turnkey Small Batch PCB Assembly Services, we also take care of the complete process from Small Batch PCB manufacturing, Small Batch PCB assembly, final Small Batch PCB testing to delivery to you.We can handle all turnkey Small batch PCB assembly, including PCB manufacturing, component procurement, component assembly, and testing. We are always ready to provide you with Small batch PCB assembly services with the fastest speed, best service, first-class quality, and unparalleled reliability. Huihe PCB offers full turnkey low volume PCB assembly service. We can handle everything from component procurement to the final testing of the PCBA. The low volume can be less than 5000, and there is no minimum order requirement.

Applications of Low Volume PCB Assembly

● Prototype PCB assembly is usually used for sampling, testing, and design improvement

● Small batch PCB assembly is often ordered for scientific research by institutes

● Business makers often order low volume PCB assembly for business tries

● Hobbyists may also order low volume PCB assembly to bring designs into reality

● Companies may buy low volume PCB assembly for small-scale marketing

● Ensuring bulky PCBA order quality because low volume PCB assembly has the same quality as bulky PCBA

To understand where the cost of small batch PCB assembly is high, we need to decompose the entire link of contracting labor and materials. PCBA is a PCB assembly, including circuit board light board, component welding, SMT and DIP plug-in post-soldering. For the most part, the price of light boards on the market is more favorable for small batches, and the prices of components are basically open and transparent in major shopping malls, which can be compared for reference.

Small Batch PCB Assembly Cost

Small batch PCB assembly costs include labor costs, technology costs, turnaround time, parts packaging, and the number of PCBs required. Most Small batch PCB assembly units cost between $10 and $50, depending on the number of PCB assemblies. The main costs of small batch PCB assembly are as follows:

Prototype fee for smt chip processing

Small batch PCB assembly and SMT processing will vary in price depending on the number of points and packages. Large quantity and high price are the industry consensus. The larger the component package size, the easier it is to mount, and the corresponding poor quality will be reduced. Therefore, there is more room for communication in terms of price.

Welder hours after DIP plug-in

The plug-in material link involves special-shaped parts and material molding, and this link requires a lot of manual participation. Because there is no production capacity reference of machinery and equipment, this link is the most difficult link to control the cost of small batch PCB assembly. At the same time, the current labor cost remains high, and the cost of this process is generally high.

Small batch PCB assembly testing fee

The test fee for small batch PCB assembly includes test fixtures, test equipment, test man-hours, etc., and the test of communication equipment also needs the assistance of optical fiber, ICT and other test equipment, and the corresponding labor and equipment loss need to be taken into account, but will not very high, some low-volume PCB assembly companies even test for free.

Small batch PCB assembly auxiliary materials fee

Solder paste, solder bar, flux, UV glue, oven fixture, the quality of solder paste and solder bar are the most important auxiliary materials in the entire small batch PCB assembly and processing link. In the same soldering area, the price of imported solder paste will be much higher, but the difference in the quality of welding is very obvious.

How to Select Small batch PCB assembly Components

In small batch PCB assembly, on the premise of meeting the functional requirements of the circuit, components with high sensitive voltage threshold should be used as much as possible. Because the electrostatic and discharge sensitivity of a circuit board depends on the components with the lowest sensitive voltage threshold in the circuit board. Reasonable selection of components can effectively improve the success rate of small batch PCB assembly. 

Small Batch PCB Assembly Test Frame

PCBA test stand is widely used in the whole process of small batch PCB assembly and manufacturing. It is mainly used to test small batch PCB assembly boards after SMT patch and DIP plug-in. Among them, the ICT test is the main one, that is, through test points to test the electrical continuity of the circuit board to determine whether the entire PCB board is successfully welded. The PCBA test stand is the main tool used to assist in completing this test.

The quality of the PCBA test stand is related to the efficiency and pass-through rate of ICT testing. Due to its long-term frequent operation, there are high requirements for its production quality, which requires sufficient attention from small batch PCB assembly manufacturers.

Small Batch PCB Assembly Processing

1. In the process of small batch PCB assembly and processing, solder paste is required. For the newly purchased solder paste, if it is not used immediately, it must be stored in an environment of 5-10 degrees. In order not to affect the use of solder paste, it must not be placed in a sub-zero environment.

2. During the small batch PCB assembly process, the placement machine equipment must be checked frequently. If the device ages or some parts are damaged, the device must be repaired or replaced with a new one in order to ensure that the patch does not bend. Only in this way can the production cost be reduced and the production efficiency be improved.

3. During the small batch PCB assembly process, if you want to ensure the quality of PCB board welding, you must always pay attention to whether the setting of the reflow soldering process parameters is very reasonable. If there is a problem with the parameter setting, the quality of PCB board welding cannot be guaranteed. So usually, the furnace temperature must be tested twice a day, at least once. Only by continuously improving the temperature curve and setting the temperature curve of soldered products can the quality of small batch PCB assembly and processing products be guaranteed.

What environment is required for small batch PCB assembly

The processing technology of small batch PCB assembly has certain requirements on the workshop's power supply, ventilation capacity, temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, anti-static, and production personnel's wearing accessories. And the workshop environment tends to be more clean and tidy, with the purpose of reducing the health hazards to workers such as oil and dust. At the same time, environmental protection and greening are the pursuit and goal of modern development, because the environment of environmental protection and greening can reduce or control the generation of pollution sources. It can be seen that the material particles are relatively large, which mainly affects the visibility in the workshop, which affects the operation of workers in the workshop and the supervision of managers. 

Applications for Small Batch PCB Assembly

We provide solutions for high-quality Small Batch PCB Assembly services. Our Small Batch PCB Assembly production services are used in different industries such as medical equipment, consumer electronics, semiconductors, 4G and 5G communications, aerospace, autonomous driving technology, and military equipment.

Why choose Huihe for small batch PCB assembly

Huihe Circuits is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing and selling PCBs. more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, Huihe Circuits has passed ISO9001/13485/14001, OHSAS18001, IATF16949, UL, RoHS, REACH and other management systems and product inspection, in line with IPC standards.

Huihe PCB Certificate Honor 01

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Small Batch PCB Assembly Capabilities

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What is a small batch PCB assembly?

"Small batch PCB assembly" refers to a value with an area between 5-15 square meters. The specific quantity is based on actual conditions. Some manufacturers can provide a minimum of 1 pcb assembly service. In actual production orders, not all customers need tens of thousands of PCB assembly products. The testing of a small batch pcb assembly is an important step in the production process. Generally, small batch PCB assemblies are used to test and verify whether the project and design of a PCB are qualified. The delivery time for small batch pcb assemblies is approximately 1-5 days, while the delivery time for one-stop PCB assembly (including material procurement, SMT mounting, DIP plug-in, and PCBA testing) is approximately 10-15 days, depending on the data.

What are the advantages of a small batch PCB assembly?

As PCB circuit boards become an indispensable part of equipment, PCB proofing is one of the key factors in confirming the production of small batch PCB assemblies. With the continuous upgrading of PCB manufacturers, they can quickly produce the product order quantity required by customers within a certain period of time. The following are the advantages of small batch PCB assembly.

1. Low cost advantage

2. Low turnaround time

3. High sensitivity

4. High quality products

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How do I select small batch PCB assembly manufacturers?

When selecting appropriate small batch PCB assembly manufacturers, to understand the requirements for PCB assembly, you can generally consider the following :

1. Whether it can meet the rapid production cycle service

2. Do you have rich production and manufacturing experience

3. Are relevant quality management system certificates and quality control standards certified

4. Are there any cost constraints

5. Whether qualified transportation methods are provided

6. Whether to provide after-sales service, etc

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Small batch PCB assembly optimization recommendations

In order to reduce manufacturing costs, some small batch PCB assembly manufacturers optimize the production process through the following methods.

1. Minimize the number of layers

2. Reasonable size planning

3. Avoid internal cuts

4. Choose a reasonable through-hole design

5. Adhere to basic design options

6. Follow industry standards

Small Batch PCB Assembly FAQ

Q1. Are you a small batch pcb assembly manufacturer?
Hello, yes, our company can provide prototype assembly and small batch pcb assembly services.

Q2. How long does it take for a 4-layer small batch pcb assembly?
Hello, it takes 5-8 days for a 4-layer small batch pcb assembly.

Q3. Can a small batch pcb assembly with blind hole technology be produced?
Hello, please refer to the production materials for details.

Q4. Are you an oem small batch pcb assembly?
Hello, our company only provides production services.


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