Tg 180 PCB

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Tg 180 PCB Board Features

1. Tg 180 PCB board has the advantages of high assembly density, small size and light weight.

2. Due to the high assembly density of Tg 180 PCB board, the wires between components (including components) are reduced, thus improving the reliability.

3. Tg 180 PCB board can increase the number of wiring layers and increase the design flexibility.

4. Tg 180 PCB board can form a circuit with a certain impedance.

5. Tg 180 PCB board material is suitable for high-speed transmission circuit.

6. Shielding layer of circuit and magnetic circuit can be set on Tg 180 PCB board, and heat dissipation layer of metal core can also be set to meet the needs of shielding, heat dissipation and other special functions.

7. Tg 180 PCB board is easy to install and has high reliability.

High Temperature Resistant Tg 180 PCB Board

High temperature resistant Tg 180 PCB boards conform to UL94-VO flame retardant characteristics. The raw materials of Tg 180 PCB boards are made from Sunyi and Nana brands. In the field of Tg 180 PCB, the circuit can provide high speed and high frequency Tg 180 PCB proofing and batch processing. With the higher the precision of electronic products, the more stringent the requirements for Tg 180 PCB circuit board materials.

The difference between Tg 170 PCB and Tg 180 PCB board

The difference between Tg 170 PCB and Tg 180 PCB is that Tg points are different, that is, the glass transition temperature is different. High Tg also has high stability, but the price is more expensive. The Tg 180 PCB board is used in CPU motherboards, DDR3 memory baseboards, and IC packaging baseboards.