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Ultra thin PCB Board

Committed to thin PCB board, high precision multilayer circuit board, allegro, special PCB board production. Ultra​ thin PCB board needs to have a complete circuit board production line and pcb board production experience, efficient supply of pcb board, complete technology.

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Thin PCB Board technology has driven the rapid development of the high-tech field. Ultra-thin PCB Board technology is suitable for any PCB application where high reliability and miniaturization play a major role.

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  • Ultra Thin PCB Board

    Thin PCB BoardUltra Thin PCB Board

    Thin PCB Board technical background The thin PCB board is a special PCB board of printed circuit board. There are aluminum base board, high TG board, flexible board, high frequency board, soft and hard combined board in the PCB market. Thin PCB board is suitable for a wide range of high-tech industri...

    2023-01-11Thin PCB Board

  • Thin PCB Board

    Thin PCB BoardThin PCB Board

    Thin PCB board can be single-layer thin PCB board or multi-layer thin PCB board, and the thickness of normal thin PCB board is between 1.00 mm and 2.0 mm. The smallest thin PCB board thickness is between 1L or 2L or 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm. However, when the thickness is high, such as about 0.6 mm, then we...

    2023-01-06Thin PCB Board

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Thin PCB BoardThin PCB Board

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