Turnkey PCB Assembly

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China Turnkey PCB Assembly Process

The processing process of China turnkey PCB assembly involves many links. In order to produce good products, the quality of each link must be controlled. Generally, China turnkey PCB assembly consists of a series of processes such as PCB circuit board manufacturing, component procurement and inspection, SMT patch processing, plug-in processing, program firing, testing, and aging.

  1. PCB circuit board manufacturing;

  2. Component procurement and inspection;

  3. SMT assembly processing;

  4. Dip Insert Treatment;

  5. Program Combustion;

  6. China Turnkey PCB assembly board test.

Cleaning Process of China Turnkey PCB Assembly

1. Fully automated online cleaning machine

A fully automatic on-line cleaning machine, the cleaning machine is aimed at the residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-cleaning flux/solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants on the surface of SMT/THT China turnkey PCB assembly after welding. Thorough and effective cleaning. It is suitable for large-volume turnkey PCB assembly cleaning.

2. Semi-automatic off-line cleaning machine

A semi-automatic off-line cleaning machine, which thoroughly and effectively cleans organic and inorganic pollutants such as rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux/solder paste, etc. remaining on the surface of SMT/THT turnkey PCB assembly after welding cleaning. 

3. Manual washing machine

A manual cleaning machine (also known as a constant temperature cleaning tank), which is aimed at the residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, rosin flux, no-cleaning flux/solder paste on the surface of SMT/THT turnkey PCB assembly after welding thorough and effective cleaning of organic and inorganic pollutants.

China Turnkey PCB Assembly Processing

1) According to the customer's Gerber file and BOM list, make the process file of SMT production, and generate the SMT coordinate file

2) Check whether the production materials are ready, and confirm the PMC plan for production

3) Carry out SMT programming, and make the first board for checking to ensure that it is correct.

4) According to the SMT process, make laser steel mesh

5) Carry out solder paste printing to ensure that the printed solder paste is uniform, good in thickness, and consistent.

6) Mount the components on the circuit board through the SMT placement machine, and perform online AOI automatic optical inspection if necessary

7) Set the perfect reflow soldering oven temperature curve, let the circuit board flow through the reflow soldering, the solder paste will transform from paste, liquid to solid, and good soldering can be achieved after cooling.

8) IPQC intermediate inspection

9) The DIP plug-in process passes the plug-in material through the circuit board and then flows through wave soldering for turnkey PCB assembly welding.

10) Post-furnace process, such as cutting feet, post-welding, board surface cleaning, etc.

11) QA conducts a comprehensive inspection to ensure the quality is OK.

 Turnkey PCB assembly services Advantages

Huihe's one-stop Turnkey PCB assembly services include pcb manufacturing, component procurement, smt patch processing, pcb assembly and pcb testing. Advantages of our Turnkey PCB assembly services: Support small batch orders; can shorten the processing cycle; short delivery time; reduce costs.Huihe turnkey PCB assembly services include: PCB prototype, Mass PCBA, Boxed, Inventory management, Shipping to your end users.

Mixed assembly factors for Turnkey PCB assembly services

In PCBA processing, Turnkey PCB assembly services USA promotes hybrid assembly services because it started with SMT technology, a major phase trend following through-hole insertion (THT) technology in OEM processes. In addition to SMT and electroplated through-hole technologies, the use of implementation heat sinks, cable and press-mounted connectors, support for PTH I/0 communication, etc., are all mixed advantages. Turnkey PCB assembly services USA's mixed assembly factors are described below: Turnkey PCB assembly services USA is reducing the total number of components in the product; Modular layout; PCB assembly services USA uses multi-functional layout parts; Easy PCB assembly services USA manufacturing layout.

Turnkey PCB assembly services USA design skills

Turnkey PCB assembly is one of the most significant and usually misunderstood issues. Here are some tips for Turnkey PCB assembly services USA design.

1. Pay attention to convenient space

Engineers at Turnkey PCB assembly services USA use techniques to avoid the half-and-half-space problem in the integrated circuit process, where there is always adequate space between the boundaries of the parts.

2. Choose great items in the proofing stage

Turnkey PCB assembly services USA's circuit board engineering designers test samples to see if they can reduce the size of the component to create additional space on the board.

3. Distinguish between principal and non-principal agencies

PCB assembly services USA uses lead-free BGA for device-specific packaging, and PCB boards used in military programs are typically combined with standard lead solder.

4. Set a reasonable budget

Distribute most areas of the board as evenly as possible during the Turnkey PCB assembly services USA setup to achieve optimal heat distribution during reflow soldering.

5. Choose the right size

Turnkey PCB assembly services USA Select smaller sized components that are more readily available than larger ones.

6. View the BOM form

Each part number listed in the BOM list provided by Turnkey PCB assembly services USA requires additional components.

Quick turn PCB assembly services USA benefits

Now the overall demand for PCB has been huge, more and more people have begun to choose quick turn PCB assembly services USA for SMT processing and so on.  Then what are the benefits of quick turn PCB assembly services USA? Quick turn PCB assembly services can reduce material costs; can reduce labor costs; can reduce storage expenses; quick turn PCB assembly services American professional things are done by professional people. Quick turn PCB assembly services USA can completely open, middle and downstream of the electronics industry, closed-loop ecological built electronic industry chain, wide power electronics industry "synergistic authors". We strive to provide higher-quality electronic product manufacturing services for global intelligent hardware companies and traditional manufacturing industries, and help tiny and medium-sized enterprises grow rapidly in intelligent hardware enterprises.

Quick turn PCB assembly services USA service

The sanitary condition of the production workshop directly reflects the sense of responsibility of a company's managers and the executive power of employees, which is similar to the later PCBA production and processing. Only by doing a decent job in the hygienic management of the company can the quality of products be guaranteed.  Then how to choose qualified quick turn PCB assembly services USA? Let's get to know it below.

1. Quick turn of PCB assembly services USA turnover and storage

The turnover and storage of electronic components can reflect the quick turn of PCB assembly services USA's awareness of quality management and detail awareness.

2. Quick turn PCB assembly services USA manufacturing equipment

Quick turn PCB assembly services USA The integrity of the manufacturing equipment chain directly determines the capacity and quality of SMT patches.

3. Quick turn PCB assembly services USA, the importance of equipment capacity

Due to the consumption cycle and quarterly fluctuations, any industry or factory has a difference between low and peak seasons.

4. Quick turn PCB assembly services USA logistics and packaging

Quick turn PCB assembly services USA logistics and packaging focus.

5. Quick turn PCB assembly services USA 5S guarantee

Quick turn PCB assembly services USA 5S certification is one of the essential concerns in product production.