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Industrial PCBA prototyping

PCBA prototyping refers to running a modest amount of PCBA prototyping and debugging of the function before the batch production of the circuit board. After the debugging of PCBA prototyping, run the subsequent batch production. PCBA prototyping mode can avoid production risk. Huihe circuit is an integrated PCBA prototyping and manufacturing service provider specializing in industrial circuit boards. Its business covers PCB scheme design, PCB manufacturing and processing, SMT device mounting, FPC, PCBA prototyping, component bom and additional services.

China PCBA prototyping factory

Huihe PCBA prototyping factory has a good production environment, excellent production team and numerous years of assembly and packaging experience, strong technical force, advanced equipment, guaranteed quality and timely delivery. Products of PCBA prototyping factory strictly follow ISO9001 quality system, safe and reliable anti-static system.

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