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Company Profile

Huihe Circuits is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing and selling PCBs. more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, Huihe Circuits has passed ISO9001/13485/14001, OHSAS18001, IATF16949, UL, RoHS, REACH and other management systems and product inspection, in line with IPC standards.

Huihe Circuits production base is located in Xinfeng County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, committed to high frequency PCB ,high speed PCB, half hole PCB, high precision multi-layer PCB, thick copper PCB, metal package edge PCB, blind via PCB, via in pad PCB, impedance PCB ,flexible PCB,rigid flex PCB,aluminum PCB,ceramic PCB and other samples and a variety of batch fields to establish an efficient rapid manufacturing platform; for many science and technology innovation enterprises (intelligent electronics, communication technology, power technology, industrial control, security engineering, automotive industry, medical control, military, science and education, aerospace and other fields) including small and micro enterprises to provide quality services.

PCB products of Huihe Circuits have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and The United States from inland, and have been well received by customers in the fierce market competition, and the order volume is increasing year by year. At the same time, we actively respond to the national "energy conservation and emission reduction" call, constantly improve efficiency, we always adhere to the market demand-oriented, technological innovation as the advantage, to provide customers with high quality, efficient, punctual, convenient service, and the majority of customers partners to create a better tomorrow!
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Our History


Honor & Certificates

Huihe circuits PCB board products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949, UL, ROHS, REACH, CQC and other systems certification. The products have obtained more than 50 patents of utility model and appearance.

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Factory Equipment

Huihe Circiuits has automated production lines, testing equipment, multiple fully automatic copper deposition lines, fully automatic exposure machines, LDI exposure machines, flying needle testing machines, fully automatic AOI optical testing machines, FPC film mounting machines, and other equipment. With marketing departments in Shenzhen and Shanghai, it is a professional PCB manufacturer with large scale, complete equipment, strict management, and excellent quality.

Quality Concept

Considering the competitive nature of the electronics industry and the selective diversification of end consumers, the demand for high-quality electronic products has also brought enormous pressure to PCB electronics manufacturers. Therefore, Huihe Circuit has established the following quality management objectives:

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Provide maintenance/after-sales service

Upon receiving customer feedback notifications (phone, fax, email, etc.), the sales personnel will immediately record customer feedback in detail and determine the batch, quantity, defect rate, time, location, sales volume, etc. The sales personnel will record the details in the "customer complaint Information Declaration Form" and submit it to the quality department for analysis. The quality department, together with the Production Department, the Engineering Department, the customer Service Department, and other relevant departments, conducts experimental analysis, testing, and other comprehensive comparisons of the same batch of products (or samples provided by customers), and records them in the 8D/4D report. Aftersales tracking records will also be conducted.

1. Short-term effect: If no continuous abnormal batches occur after improvement, and no adverse feedback from customers is received, the improvement measures are considered effective.

2. Long-term effectiveness: Conduct investigation and evaluation according to customer satisfaction management procedures, and promptly correct and prevent control procedures.

3. After-sales time: Feedback (written, phone, or email) will be provided within 2 working days after receiving a customer complaint.

4. Record keeping: Factory managers will report total customer complaints at monthly quality meetings, and statistical techniques are used to analyze the status and trends of customer complaints.

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Huihe circuits chooses to cooperate with professional operators specializing in international air transportation, international logistics and international sea transportation services. According to your order requirements, we can provide customized international transportation services such as booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance, etc., to meet the diversified needs of your order.

Order Placement Process
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Q1. Are you PCB manufacturers?
Hello, yes.

Q2. Can I produce Sungold 2U PCB circuit boards?
Hello, yes.

Q3. What types of PCB boards can you make?
Hello, we can produce high-frequency PCB, high speed PCB, half hole PCB, high precision multilayer PCB, thick copper PCB, metal package edge PCB, blind via PCB, via in pad PCB, impact PCB, flexible PCB, rigid flex PCB, aluminum PCB, ceramic PCB, and so on.

Q4. Can I produce high-speed boards with special processes?
Hello, we can produce. Please provide production materials for details.

Q5. Do you work on Saturday?
Hello, work on Saturday

Q6. Are you a PCBA manufacturer?
Hello, we can provide a PCBA service.