Double Sided PCB Description

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Differences between single sided PCB and double sided PCB

The differences between double sided PCB and single-sided PCB is that the single-sided PCB circuit is only on one side of the PCB , while the double sided PCB circuit can be in the two sides of the PCB, with holes in the middle to connect the double sided PCB circuit. Double sided PCB and single-sided PCB in addition to the production process is different, but also more copper sinking process

what is a double sided pcb?

Both sides of a double sided PCB have wiring. Double sided PCB area is twice as large as single sided PCB, double sided PCB prototype, double sided PCB manufacturing, double sided PCB fabrication, FR4 double sided PCB is more suitable for use in more complex circuits.

Double Sided PCB Articles

  • Double Sided PCB Manufacturing

    Double Sided PCBDouble Sided PCB Manufacturing

    Double sided PCB board is a very important PCB board in circuit boards, it is suitable for a wide range of high-tech industries such as: telecommunications, power supply, computer, industrial control, digital products, scientific and educational instruments, medical equipment, automobiles, aero...

    2022-12-01Double Sided PCB

  • Double Sided PCB

    Double Sided PCBDouble Sided PCB

    Double sided PCB is a printed circuit board with copper on both sides,including Top (top layer) and Bottom (bottom layer). It is the most common and common circuit board. Both sides of the insulating substrate have conductive patterns. Electrical connections are primarily made through vias or...

    2022-11-09Double Sided PCB

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