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  • RF PCB Layout Guidelines

    rf pcbRF PCB Layout Guidelines

    In low-power RF PCB design, use standard FR4 materials (good insulation properties, uniform material, dielectric constant ε=4), mainly use 4-layer to 6-layer RF PCB boards, and thickness can be used when the cost budget is low. For the double-sided RF PCB board below 1mm, it is necessary to ensure...

    2023-01-05rf pcb

  • What is RF PCB Design guidelines

    rf pcbWhat is RF PCB Design guidelines

    RF PCB is a high-frequency RF PCB board made of PTFE PCB, ceramic-filled fluoropolymer or ceramic-filled hydrocarbon thermoset material with improved dielectric properties. RF PCB material has a low dielectric constant of 2.0-3.8, low dissipation factor and excellent low loss characteristics. RF PCB...

    2023-01-05rf pcb

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