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Through Hole PCB assembly is the process of mounting Through Hole components onto a bare printed circuit board (PCB). Through Hole PCB assembly is a method of producing electronic circuits. Through Hole assembly refers to the installation process in which leads are inserted into drilled holes and components are soldered to the board by wave soldering or hand soldering. Through Hole assembly is difficult to meet the requirements of modern electronic products, and SMT technology has largely replaced Through Hole structures in PCB manufacturing.

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Contact us for Through Hole PCB Assembly Services, you can use the Through Hole PCB Assembly Request for Quote form or Through Hole PCB Fabrication Request for Quote form and submit your information. If you need both through-hole PCB fabrication and through-hole PCB assembly, you can contact us by emailing the BOM and Gerber files to to find out if you need any additional instructions for our through-hole PCB assembly services.

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