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SummaryFlex PCB Prototype Manufacturing Capabilities1、1 -12 Layer flex PCBs, 2-28 layer rigid flex PCBs2、Material: polyimide, PET, FR4 (Semi-flex)3、Stiffener: unclad FR4, Polyimide, metal, PSA4、Silver film & sliver ink EMI shielding5、Custom Surface Finishes Available6、Flex PCBs type: single-sided...

Flex PCB Prototype Manufacturing Capabilities

1、1 -12 Layer flex PCBs, 2-28 layer rigid flex PCBs

2、Material: polyimide, PET, FR4 (Semi-flex)

3、Stiffener: unclad FR4, Polyimide, metal, PSA

4、Silver film & sliver ink EMI shielding

5、Custom Surface Finishes Available

6、Flex PCBs type: single-sided flex PCB prototype; double-sided flex PCB, multi layer flexible PCBs, heavy copper flex circuit boards

Flex PCB Prototype Thermal Conductivity

When it comes to thermal conductivity of flex PCB prototypes, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1、Material selection: Common options include copper, aluminum, and polyimide,these materials have high thermal conductivity and can effectively conduct heat and enhance the thermal conductivity of flexible PCBs.

2、Thermal design: Increase the heat dissipation area, adopt an appropriate heat dissipation structure, and include heat dissipation vias to improve the overall heat dissipation capacity of the flex PCB.

3、Thermal conductive layer: Add a dedicated thermal conductive layer within the stack-up structure of the flexible PCB to enhance thermal conductivity.

4、Copper filling: Increasing the thickness and coverage area of copper foil can improve the thermal conductivity of flexible PCBs.

5、Functional zoning: Implement proper circuit layout and organization to direct heat buildup to specific areas for efficient heat dissipation and conduction.

6、Thermal Bridges: Thermal bridge can quickly transfer the heat from the heat source to the heat dissipation area to prevent heat accumulation.

Flex PCB Prototype Applications

Flex PCB prototypes are widely used in various industries. Some common applications include:

1、Consumer Electronics: Flex PCB prototypes are commonly used in consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and game consoles.

2、Automotive: Flex PCB prototypes are used in automotive applications such as infotainment systems, dashboard displays, control panels and sensors.

3、Aerospace and Defense: Flexible PCB prototypes are used in aerospace and defense applications due to their lightweight nature and ability to withstand high temperatures and vibrations. They are used in radar systems, communications equipment, avionics systems and missile guidance systems.

4、Industrial Equipment: Flex PCB prototypes can be used in industrial equipment such as robots, automation systems, control panels, motor drives, and sensors.

5、Internet of Things (IoT): Flexible PCB prototypes are used in smart devices, home automation systems, wearable technology, and connected sensors.

6、LED Lighting: Flexible PCB prototypes are used in LED lighting systems due to their ability to be formed into different shapes and sizes.

7、Communication systems: Flexible PCB prototypes are used in communication systems such as antennas, mobile base stations, satellites and routers.

8、Medical Devices: Flex PCB prototypes are used in medical devices such as pacemakers, medical monitors, hearing aids, and imaging equipment.

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