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SummaryFlex Circuit Manufacturing Cost FactorsThe process of flex circuit manufacturing is relatively complicated, usually including multiple processes such as circuit inner layer production, exposure, pressing, drilling, and electroplating. Although flex circuit manufacturing has strong customization feat...

Flex Circuit Manufacturing Cost Factors

The process of flex circuit manufacturing is relatively complicated, usually including multiple processes such as circuit inner layer production, exposure, pressing, drilling, and electroplating. Although flex circuit manufacturing has strong customization features, these most basic processes are necessary, but there will be differences in specific parameters.

In fact, each process of flex circuit manufacturing is relatively mature, so cost control has become the most critical factor for FPC manufacturers. In the cost structure of flex circuit manufacturing, the material cost of flex circuit manufacturing usually accounts for about 60%, the labor cost usually accounts for about 15%, and the cost-to-cost ratio of flex circuit manufacturing usually reaches about 25%. FPC manufacturers mainly achieve this by reducing flex circuit manufacturing costs and labor costs. The reduction of flex circuit manufacturing costs is mainly achieved through automation to improve production efficiency and yield, and the reduction of labor costs is mainly achieved by transferring to the central and western regions.

Although the PCB industry has some basic processes, it still depends on the thickness and material of the substrate, the accuracy requirements of line width and line spacing, the design structure and production scale, and other requirements specified by customers, different production processes and equipment, resulting in flex circuit manufacturing. Costs vary widely. FPC is a product with a high degree of customization, and there are many components of flex circuit manufacturing cost. For newcomers to PCB manufacturers, it is necessary to understand before prototyping flexible circuit boards.

Based on the above factors, when we carry out flex circuit manufacturing, it is not that the smaller the quantity, the cheaper the price, the higher the unit price may be, because the prototype board, the factory needs to help you out with engineering materials, films, tests, etc., flex circuit manufacturing. There are many cost considerations in flex circuit manufacturing. Past experience shows that the higher the quality requirements for flex circuit manufacturing, the higher the cost.

How does Flex Circuit Manufacturing Guarantee the Delivery Cycle?

FPC market competition has become more and more fierce in recent years. Facing the increasingly fierce competition environment, delivery management has become a powerful weapon to win market priority after quality management. Many customers are most concerned about whether they can deliver quickly and on time when they choose flex circuit manufacturing manufacturers, so how does flex circuit manufacturing guarantee the delivery cycle?

1. Do a good job in flex circuit manufacturing order review: after receiving customer order information, review should be carried out. Professional quotation review customer service is online 7*24 hours to ensure that each order reviewed can be produced and customized by itself, ensuring customers order accuracy!

2. Make a production plan: flex circuit manufacturing must have a corresponding production plan to formulate and perfect the customer's production needs reasonably and effectively, while ensuring the progress of flex circuit manufacturing, the price to the customer should also be relatively favorable.

3. Ensure timely material procurement: In the case of untimely material procurement, there will often be a situation of downtime and waiting for materials. After the material procurement is completed, the flex circuit manufacturing plan will be readjusted for production, which will cause waste of time and cause delays in delivery, so it is also important to ensure material procurement.

4. Follow up the flex circuit manufacturing process: The flex circuit manufacturing process is very cumbersome, and it is necessary to arrange professional technicians to supervise and manage each process, so that they can complete the flex circuit manufacturing plan formulated within the specified time and deliver on schedule.

Based on the above factors, it is also a systematic project to do a good job in the delivery management of flex circuit manufacturing. It requires rich practical experience to plan a strategy and achieve on-time delivery on the basis of ensuring the quality of flex circuit manufacturing. The delivery date of Flex circuit manufacturing is very important for product design, placement and testing.

What are the Materials of Flex Circuit Manufacturing?

The main raw materials of Flex circuit manufacturing are as follows: base material, cover film, reinforcement, and other auxiliary materials.

1. Substrate

The adhesive substrate of Flex circuit manufacturing is mainly composed of three parts, namely copper foil, adhesive, and PI. There are two types of single-sided substrate and double-sided substrate. The material with only one side of copper foil is a single-sided substrate. The material of the double-sided copper foil is a double-sided substrate. Flex circuit manufacturing's non-adhesive base material is compared with ordinary adhesive base materials, without the middle adhesive layer, only copper foil and PI two parts, it has thinner and better dimensional stability than adhesive base materials, higher heat resistance, higher bending resistance, better chemical resistance and other advantages have been widely used now.

2. Cover film

The cover film of Flex circuit manufacturing is mainly composed of three parts, which are release paper, glue, and PI. In the end, only the glue and PI remain on the product. The release paper will be torn off during the Flex circuit manufacturing process. Use (there is foreign matter on the protective glue).

3. Reinforcement

The reinforcement material is a specific material used by Flex circuit manufacturing. It is used in a specific part of the product to increase the support strength and make up for the soft feature of Flex circuit manufacturing. The commonly used reinforcement materials in Flex circuit manufacturing include FR4, steel sheet and PI. The main components of FR4 reinforcement are glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin glue, which is the same as the FR4 material used in PCB. The steel sheet reinforcement is composed of steel, which has strong hardness and support strength. PI reinforcement is the same as the cover film, and has PI, glue and release paper are composed of three parts, only the PI layer is thicker, and it can be produced in proportion from 2MIL to 9MIL.

4. Other auxiliary materials

Pure glue This adhesive film is a heat-curing acrylic adhesive film consisting of protective paper/release film and a layer of adhesive, mainly used for layered Flex circuit manufacturing, rigid flex boards, and FR4/steel sheet reinforcement board, play a bonding role. The electromagnetic protective film is pasted on the board to play a shielding role. Pure copper foil is only composed of copper foil, which is mainly used in the production of hollow boards.


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