2oz Heavy Copper PCB

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2oz Heavy Copper PCB Test method

1. 2oz Heavy Copper PCB chemical composition arbitration analysis method

2. 2oz Heavy Copper PCB mechanical properties test method

3. 2oz Heavy Copper PCB bending test method

4. 2oz Heavy Copper PCB grain size test method

5. 2oz Heavy Copper PCB size measurement method

6. 2oz Heavy Copper PCB surface quality inspection method

2oz Heavy Copper PCB and 4oz Heavy Copper PCB difference

PCB board width unchanged, 2oz heavy copper PCB compared with 4oz heavy copper PCB, 4oz heavy copper PCB can carry more current, usually some high-power products or some electronic products with higher reliability requirements;  common consumer electronic products are generally made of 1-2oz heavy copper PCB.

2oz Heavy Copper PCB acceptance standard

2oz heavy copper PCB acceptance standards are:

1. The quality of 2oz heavy copper PCB shall be checked and accepted by the technical department of the supplier.

2. The supplier must ensure that the 2oz heavy copper PCB materials delivered conform to the relevant regulations, and issue the physical and chemical test report.

3. 2oz heavy copper PCB material to the factory should be accompanied by proof that the batch of copper plate meets the standard requirements and order contract of quality certificate.

2oz Heavy Copper PCB surface quality

1. 2oz heavy copper PCB surface should be clean. The surface of 2oz heavy copper PCB is not allowed to have delamination, cracks, peeling, inclusion and green rust.

2. 2oz heavy copper PCB length is greater than 4000mm hot rolled copper plate and soft copper plate, can not be supplied by pickling.

3. 2oz heavy copper PCB surface quality should be smooth, clean, do not allow to affect the use of defects.